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From: Sher  From ALAN.....
The Obama Internet Jihad    https://youtu.be/eddWRO_il8Q
BJ3: Well said indeed, Wild Bill...Here’s what poster Wamps 01 said:  The fricken Republicans have the US legislative majority and are sitting on their asses with the all important plurality. Utterly despicable minions are always saying they don't have the clout. WTF, they have had the clout for at least 2 yrs with their majority...fricken cowards are on the take just like all the Damorats. And now they will let Commie Obama give away our internet with zero opposition??? I'm pissed as hell with the way things are going downhill-FAST. Are we gonna let that happen?

BJ3: Really? How about...Close your eyes, turn around, open your eyes and whatever you see...that’s another one...or just read below...
Obama- “It’s Very Hard to Find an Area Where We’re Not Better Off Than We Were Before”  http://mmn.minutemennews.com/ga/click/2-9049601-30-220077-465073-3129759-8703ea5959-fcc613188b
From: Pat T...Trump to Victims of Illegal Alien Crime: You Have Been ‘Forced into the Shadows’
From: The Sovereignty Project...Sanctuary cities kill http://wec.news-selfreliancecentral.com/t/22566660/1642179580/6226784/0/\
From: Sher Zieve...Rumors of the (both sides) political establishment D.C. gangs working toward a Trump assassination are spreading more and more, so that another major FF seems well within the credibility range.  From: victoria kateria hayes ...The bombings begin... Risk of massive false flag event skyrockets as desperate establishment plots to derail Trump, halt the election or change the narrative - NaturalNews.com

BJ3: But how do you know that? Got a copy of his valid, rightly-certified, reportedly sealed and vaulted, original BC?   From: Lee S Gliddon Jr   From:William Homolka
1991 Barack Obama Bio: “Born in Kenya and Raised in Indonesia and Hawaii.” ⋆ The Constitution http://constitution.com/1991-barack-obama-bio-born-kenya-raised-indonesia-hawaii/
From: John Rolls...Who Really Is Barack Hussein Obama
BJ3: Just a reminder...From: Chuckolb...  NPR changes archive regarding president's birth Claims correction proper 'since Obama was born in Hawaii' by Bob Unruh   http://www.wnd.com/2010/04/140993/

From: Jenny...Yep, we should be surprised…
Feds Mistakenly Grant Citizenship to 800 Immigrants with Security Concerns

From: RUSH...
Hillary's on the Wrong Side of History...RUSH: I'm telling you, the Democrat Party is in abject denial. They wonder why Hillary's not doing well?  All they have to do is just remind themselves of the recent events I just cataloged here that anybody with half a brain could do.  Terror attacks, Democrat denials of terror attacks, unvetted refugees coming into the country with Hillary promising to increase the number, ransom payments to Iran, innocent Americans being murdered by illegals in "sanctuary cities," secret email servers, lie upon lie upon lie about trafficking in classified secret data by way of those email servers! ...Hillary Clinton now, I think, is on the wrong side of recent history and not-so-recent history....http://www.rushlimbaugh.com/daily/2016/09/19/hillary_s_on_the_wrong_side_of_history

From: Devvy.....

From: sherzieve.....Clinton gives another phony "press conference".....
YIKES!  Again emulating Donald J. Trump, Hillary is giving a "press conference" with her plane behind her and answering questions given to reporters earlier.  Pretty obvious, as when asked them she, frequently, looks down to her notes when answering.  Everything about this person--or whatever--is phony and rotten to the core. (no link)

From: Jenny...
She is in full panic….
Hillary Clinton: Donald Trump Comments ’Given Aid And Comfort’ To Islamic State Terrorists  http://www.breitbart.com/2016-presidential-race/2016/09/19/hillary-clinton-donald-trump-comments-given-aid-comfort-islamic-state-terrorists/

From: Kirk MacKenzie...
Google*, which owns YouTube*, seeks to squelch Internet free speech in the same manner that free speech is denied by the msm. They do not want the people to have a voice.
French blogger lashes out at YouTube for trying to ‘censor’ her interview with Juncker
From: RCroyts   From: Rosemarie...
Elisabeth S- W case in Austria EU free speech
From: charlite...What if a rising, expanding new patriotic nationalism begins to push back seriously against these barbaric 7th century invaders?...........and what if a new semi-fascistic 'Europeanism' and Western Culture protector group begins to 'eliminate' this uncivilized ME trash that has been polluting all of Europe since before 9-11-01? What if the majority white European population finally rises up and figures out a hostile solution for saving their culture? What would such a determined We've Had ENOUGH' movement look like? Would it mushroom into a very different world war from WWI and II - - - WW III begins in Germany, spreads worldwide - Muslims against all White Europeans 'wherever they are,' and 'White Europeans'  including Americans, Canadians and Australians fighting Islamists 'wherever they are.' [As the Koran teaches............'kill them wherever you find them........' - I think that it really could come down to a matter of basic survival. Simple as that. - i.e. Kill before being killed. Save yourself, your family, your friends and associates, your country and all of Western Civilization. Nothing complicated about what has to be done. It's clear as a bell already.]   Merkel faces new gains by anti-migrant AfD in Berlin -

From: Jenny...
Migrants Receive More Cash Than Retired Austrian Farmers http://www.breitbart.com/london/2016/09/17/migrants-receive-more-cash-than-retired-austrian-farmers/
BJ3: ABSOLUTELY...Full steam ahead...From: sherzieve 
From: "doug walk"...
"The tide is already turning. Roberts said the historic Brexit vote, in which
British voters decided to secede from the European Union, should be seen as a model worldwide as nations work to reclaim their sovereignty from globalist institutions. The Australian lawmaker, who represents the state of Queensland, joined a growing chorus of anti-UN voices stretching from the halls of the U.S. Congress to the Presidential Palace of the Philippines. " (The anti-America UN "MUST" be dissolved along with Obama, Hillary, etc)
Australian Efforts to Dump the United Nations Gain Momentum

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