Tuesday, September 20, 2016


The New York – New Jersey Bombings illustrate Why Donald Trump will Win

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Donald Trump Readies His Biggest Hammer to Drive the Last Nail in Hillary’s Coffin

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Liberals Come to Bury Clinton, Not to Praise Her
Georgia Governor Doesn’t Know Much About Economics
The Smoking Gun: Hillary Clinton’s Tech Guy Asked Reddit How to Delete Emails!
Will Christians Allow Hillary To Win Election?
Ex-Muslim Brother Rachid Explains Exactly How Accurately NYC Bomber Ahmad Khan Rahami Was Following Islam [video]
Liberal Irony and the Terrorist Attacks This Past Weekend
President Obama Condescends, Calls the GOP Lazy
Hillary’s Ruination: Specs, Lies and Videotape
Charity? What Charity? Clinton Foundation Donates Less than 6% of Proceeds to Charity!
Syrian Rebels Accidentally Blow Themselves Up Taking a Selfie!
Sexual Perversion in One Generation is Normal in the Next
Government Creates Shortages by “Protecting” Consumers
Bill Clinton Gets One Right: “We have One Remaining Bigotry…”
The GOP in North Carolina Offers to Drop the Transgender Bathroom Law on One Condition…
Facebook, Google, Twitter, & YouTube Are “Lifeblood of ISIS” [video]
Is THIS Really the FOURTH Industrial Revolution? [video]
Hillary’s Basket of Disposables
Today, September 20, 1863: Confederate Victory at Battle of Chickamauga
News You Can Use for September 20, 2016
Were All Of the Attacks Saturday Connected?
London Mayor Says We Need to Get Used to Terror Attacks
BREAKING NEWS! Another Bomb Explodes in New Jersey Early Monday Morning! UPDATED: Suspected Terrorist Caught after Shootout!
1991 Barack Obama Bio: “Born in Kenya and Raised in Indonesia and Hawaii.”
The Terror Attacks That Apparently Aren’t Terrorism
President Obama says he’ll be Personally Offended if African-Americans Don’t Vote for Hillary!

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