Sunday, September 4, 2016


NYT: Hillary gave Donor Access in Return for Free Ride on Private Jet for Bill, FBI: Hillary Doesn’t Know what “Classified” Means
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Can Brain-Damaged, Incompetent, Memory Loss, and Careless Hillary be Trusted with Gov. Intel and Nuclear Launch Codes?

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Only Rich Kids Who Paid $2,700 Can Ask A Question of Hillary Who “Stands Between You & the Apocalypse”
MUST WATCH: Looking for a Vacation? What About Syria? It’s “Always Beautiful” [video]
ISIS Supporter Shoots Three People, Government Rules out Muslim Terrorism Connection!
Celebrating Labor Day: A Look at Union Violence through the Years
Top Clinton Foundation Exec Tried to Get Diplomatic Passport from Clinton State Dept.
Patriot Refuses to Cooperate with Corrupt Government Prosecution!
If Trump Loses is the Country “Over”?
The Supposed Lost Words of Jesus
Keep it Up! Boycotting Works. Target’s Earnings Fell, Plans to Install $20 Million “Family Friendly” Bathrooms
Nonprofit Groups Band Together to Fight the IRS Assault on Free Speech!
Important Lessons to be Learned from Obamacare’s Collapse
State Department Plans to Release Hillary Clinton’s FULL Calendar in October Surprise!
Without These American Businessmen & Their Companies Hitler Was Incapable of Invading, Let Alone Driving– Anywhere [documentary]
Obamacare Scheme Imploding Ahead of Schedule!
One of the Best Movies to Watch About the Women’s Vote: Suffragettes [video]
World’s Longest Living Guinness Record Breaking Cockatoo Dies This Week in Chicago at 83 [video]
Incredible: Watch the Prey Make the Predator PURR [video]
Hillary’s Lies Just Keep On Growing
Today, September 4, 1886: Geronimo –Apache Warrior & Leader – Surrenders
News You Can Use for September 4, 2016
Is Hillary’s Mind Gone? Here’s a Frightening List of What She “Can’t Recall”
My Reasons for Conservatives to Sit for the National Anthem
Clinton Admits Mental Health Problem, ‘Lost’ 11 Classified Devices
WATCH! Obamacare Architect: Fix It by Punishing People More
Lessons Liberals Never Learned from WW II – How the Left is Rewriting History and Destroying our Future

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