Sunday, September 4, 2016


Urgent POLL Question:  Bill Gheen of ALIPAC says that deporting illegals and sending them right to the end of the line is against the law.  He says they must wait 10 years to do that. For this poll....
Do you think that nullifying this 10-year ban is an acceptable trade-off for deporting these illegals? THX

From: Suzanne...Protect Internet Freedom
From: sherzieve  
From: "doug walk"
"She says people need to learn that when the November election comes, the voters who stay home and choose not to vote will be making a deadly decision."    [IN A LOT OF WAYS] (Staying home this November will be deadly for a LOT of people in a LOT of ways)
November election a matter of life and death

From: Sher Zieve....
Hope Robbins is correct but, I view nothing as too low for Obama and his (largely illegal) government...From: John Rolls
No DHS Can’t Step in to Protect the Election - James Robbins
From: sherzieve...A MUST READ if ever there was one...
From: "John Rolls"
Quayle Alert: A State of Tyranny is Created. All Across America, A Quiet Rage is Building Against the Assault Upon American Values.
From: sherzieve...
This is precisely what was and is still planned by the creation of NAFTA and the TPP.  They're nothing less than programs designed to obliterate all that's left of liberty and individual choice on the planet.,,From: "John Rolls" 
Secret Global Court: Why Corp Criminals, Corrupt Politicians Desperately Want TPP

From: Sher Zieve...And more bad news from self-avowed "god" Gweorge Soros...From: cam39470
Leaked Memo Reveals Soros Plan for Federally Controlled Police

From: Rob E...Start targeting House and Senate Appropriations Committees right now!
BJ3: Yep...opening theme music please....From: Rob E
TWILIGHT ZONE: Woman in U.S. Illegally Tells MSNBC Trump is Concerning to "Our Country" (VIDEO)
From: Dave Hollenbeck...Special Report: Border crisis reality check
From: Sher Zieve...
Best reason, yet, to vote for Trump!!! From: Dave Hollenbeck
From: Joan Swirsky...Trump Does The Unthinkable by Liz Crokin (HT to Angela Nunziata)
From: Rob E...Hot Mic-Reuters Intentionally Cuts Camera Feed During Positive Bishop Jackson Remarks To Trump in Detroit…
From: Rob E.....BLACK LEADER Praises Trump's Detroit Visit - Calls on Black Caucus Members to Resign (VIDEO)
From: Rob E.....NBA's Barkley: 'Brainwashed' Blacks, Not Whites, Are Keeping Blacks Down

From: Jenny...
94,391,000 Americans Out of the Labor Force in August

From: Jenny...
Obama Tag-Teams with Mexico to Help Migrants Get U.S. Jobs

From: Jenny...
Hillary Clinton ‘Could Not Recall’ 39 Email Details for FBI

From: Jenny...
Redacted: 30 Percent of FBI Hillary Clinton Email Investigation Hidden from the Public
From: Frank P...Food for thought...
The Breakup of the US Has Begun

From: charlite...Germany is committing suicide. The rest of Europe - 'old' and 'new' - can't survive, once Germany is dead. - [J.C. Wallis understandably asks: "What are these folks smoking for heaven's sake???" - [Maybe the lethal mix of Sharia and Hashish imported by millions upon millions of Middle Eastern Muslim Islamist invaders. What part of all of the above does Merkel NOT GET?!]
Desperate Merkel Drafts In German Army In Hopes To 'Integrate Syrian Refugees'

From: Sher...Folks, the Obama creature is now affecting chemical warfare against us all and no one appears to be doing anything to stop it.  We now know why the "Zika hoax" was brought to us.  This is another devious and demented way in which the ObamaGov plans to annihilate us.  If the Hillary beast is placed as the new POTUS, she'll complete the Luciferian plan...From: Jenny...
Safe” Zika Pesticide Nukes Millions of Bees...These are the global health agencies tasked with guarding your health

From: Jenny...
Sit. Stay (for a week): Dutiful dog waits six days at doors of Spanish hospital after her owner was rushed in for surgery

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