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WND So how did the Clintons get so rich?


It's a claim that has been widely mocked - Hillary Clinton's famous statement she and Bill were "dead broke" when they left the White House in 2001.

But there is a grain of truth behind it, according to New York Times bestselling author Jerome Corsi.

He reveals some of the numbers in his new book "Partners in Crime: The Clintons' Scheme to Monetize the White House for Personal Profit."

Three years before leaving office, Bill Clinton had to pay $850,000 to settle the Paula Jones sexual harassment lawsuit. Just as he was leaving office he paid a $25,000 fine to the Arkansas Bar Association in lieu of disbarment for having lied under oath about his relationship with Monica Lewinsky.

The Associated Press reported the Clintons faced legal bills as high as $10.6 million incurred defending themselves in the Whitewater scandal and the Lewinsky affair. This figure did not include legal expenses associated with the Kathleen Willey and Gennifer Flowers cases.

"So they had a huge amount of legal bills when they left the White House, and leaving the White House, I point out, the Clintons even stole the furniture, they stole the silverware," Corsi, a WND senior staff writer, said during a recent interview on Stand for Truth Radio with Susan Knowles. "They had to return hundreds of thousands of dollars' worth of government property that they lifted when they left the White House in classic grifter fashion."

And yet, a few years after leaving the White House, each Clinton ended up with a net worth of at least $100 million.

During this time Hillary earned income from her roles as senator and secretary of state, and both Clintons received speaking fees, but Corsi noted that was not enough to add up to $100 million.

The only other income source they had during this time was the Clinton Foundation.

"So it's clear the money was diverted from the Clinton Foundation to pay for the Clintons' lifestyle, and to end up in their bank accounts in schemes designed to bypass the IRS, in schemes designed to make this not easily detectable in the financial records of the foundation," Corsi surmised.

Inurement, or the illegal use of a non-profit organization for personal profit, is the central charge Corsi levels against the Clintons in "Partners in Crime."

He told Knowles the Clintons began with just the William J. Clinton Presidential Foundation, with the sole purpose of soliciting charitable donations to build Bill Clinton's presidential library. The organization later morphed into what's now known as the Clinton Foundation.

From the initial foundation, the Clintons set up various subgroups with questionable legal status. One of them was the Clinton Health Access Initiative (CHAI), established for the stated purpose of fighting AIDS in Africa. But was CHAI a subsidiary of the Clinton Foundation or a separate corporation?

"The Clinton Foundation never went to the IRS and got a determination letter, which you have to get under law in order to declare a new purpose of charitable giving [in order to] get tax-favored status," Corsi explained. "The Clintons did not go and file this as a separate corporation."

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The result, according to Corsi, is confusion: The Clinton Foundation and CHAI consolidate their financial statements so onlookers cannot tell how much money is being donated to fight HIV/AIDS and how much is being donated for other purposes.

Partners-In-Crime"These confusions permit the Clintons to do a form of accounting that becomes so convoluted that you can't undo it, you can't get behind it," Corsi said. "In other words, they have one number for salaries. Well, okay, where did that money come from? Was it used in the Clinton Foundation salaries or in the Clinton Health Access Initiative, the CHAI foundation part?"

Then the Clintons set up the Clinton Global Initiative, again with no IRS determination letter authorizing it to solicit charitable donations. But because the media look at CGI and assume it's doing great charitable work, they don't ask tough questions such as, was CGI ever incorporated? Or, did it ever get IRS approval to raise money for these purposes? Or, where does the money that is raised actually go?

Like CHAI, according to Corsi, CGI's finances get lumped in with the rest of the Clinton Foundation's numbers in the foundation's audited financial reports. There is no detail about where money came from and how it is being spent. Furthermore, Corsi said the numbers don't reconcile with press releases stating how much money was pledged to the Clinton Foundation.

"This is the kind of shoddy accounting that you would expect from a third-rate grifter, a con artist, and would be immediately red-flagged by the IRS or the state attorneys general if anybody was paying any attention," Corsi reasoned. "But since it's the Clintons, they don't get scrutinized."

Perhaps they should.

In 2009 the Clintons reorganized CHAI, trying to break it off into a separate corporation from the Clinton Foundation because CHAI was receiving money from UNITAID to fight AIDS in Africa. But when the reorganization occurred, the balance sheets showed $17 million went missing during the transition from Old CHAI to New CHAI.

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"This kind of a reorganization, reshuffling of money, money disappearing in the Clinton Foundation, is unfortunately not all that unusual when you take a look at the Clinton Foundation financials," Corsi said.

He pointed out Eric Braverman, whom Chelsea Clinton had brought in to help straighten out the Clinton Foundation, resigned as foundation president rather than sign the financial audits presented to him.

"He must have realized... that if you sign these financial statements on behalf of the Clinton Foundation, you'll be taking on criminal liabilities yourself to become part of the scam," Corsi said.

Much has been made lately about the many suspicious deaths associated with the Clintons, but Corsi doesn't think that is the issue that will ultimately trip up the power couple.

"I think we're going to get the Clintons on comparing the information I've got in 'Partners in Crime' with the way the financial statements were done, which I show you how to do in the book, and the glaring errors and omissions, this incomplete mess of financial statements audited by auditors who should be held accountable for an accounting scam that I think is as big or bigger than Enron.

"The Clintons, I think, will not be able to explain the fraudulent financial statements and the fraudulent regulatory statements," he said.

Order your copy of No. 1 New York Times best-selling author Jerome Corsi's newest blockbuster, "Partners in Crime: The Clintons' Scheme to Monetize the White House for Personal Profit," now in stock at the WND Superstore!

Understanding the liberalism on display

This summer we saw it: Liberalism on display - proudly, boldly, unashamedly, no-holds-barred.

They called it the Democratic National Convention.

Since 1972 - 44 years ago - it has become an every-four-year un-American political tradition.

Did you like what you saw?

Did you understand it?

Let me recommend some resources, some real bargains, for you if you are having trouble comprehending liberals:

"The Liberal Mind: The Psychological Causes of Political Madness" by Lyle H. Rossiter Jr., M.D.: Would you like a clinical diagnosis of what you've been witnessing on television this week? Here it is. Dr. Rossiter is board certified in both general and forensic psychiatry and has actually diagnosed and treated mental disorders for more than 40 years. He has been retained by numerous public offices, courts and private attorneys as a forensic psychiatrist and has consulted in more than 2,700 civil and criminal cases in both state and federal jurisdictions. He examines the question of whether liberals are out of their minds. His conclusions? "Modern liberalism's irrationality can only be understood as the product of psychopathology," declares Dr. Rossiter. "So extravagant are the patterns of thinking, emoting, behaving and relating that characterize the liberal mind that its relentless protests and demands become understandable only as disorders of the psyche."

"Liberalism Is a Mental Disorder" by Michael Savage: He's been making the case for decades on one of the most-listened-to radio talk-shows in the nation. Get all the details in this No. 1 New York Times bestselling classic.

"Modern-Day Liberalism" by J.D. Mitschke: Not since the U.S. Civil War has our country been so dangerously divided along ideological fronts, the author writes. Then, the precipitating issues were few and clear-cut. Now, 150 years later, again our nation is moving toward the precipice of a great potential split, threatening to tear us apart. Except this time, the ideological divide rests upon a multitude of contentious issues - ones that are driven in large part by the distorted emotionality of both the electorate and our leadership. These emotional forces have been steadily building in recent decades and are now approaching a breaking point that if breached, can only result in an explosiveness that will be unprecedented in our time. The author holds a master's degree in psychological sciences and another in psychological counseling.

"Conservatives Are From Mars, Liberals Are From San Francisco" by WND weekly columnist Burt Prelutsky with a foreword by Bernard Goldberg: Pure parody and satire from a veteran TV screenwriter and former humor columnist for the Los Angeles Times (when it still had humor). Prelutsky has also written for the New York Times, Washington Times, TV Guide, Modern Maturity, Emmy, Holiday, American Film and Sports Illustrated. For television, he has written for "Dragnet," "McMillan & Wife," "MASH," "Mary Tyler Moore," "Rhoda," "Bob Newhart," "Family Ties," "Dr. Quinn" and "Diagnosis Murder," as well as various TV movies.

"Liberals: America's Termites" by Burt Prelutsky: A followup to his previously mentioned classic.

"50 Things Liberals Love to Hate" by Mike Gallagher: The leading radio talk-show host weighs in on many of the pet peeves you head about this week.

"48 Liberal Lies About American History That You Probably Learned in School" by Larry Schweikart: The good professor says students graduate from high school and even college with twisted beliefs about economics, foreign policy, war, religion, race relations and many other subjects. He offers the correction a growing number of millennials need.

"The Liberal War on Transparency" by Christopher Horner: So you thought liberals were all about openness? Think again, writes Horner. They are hiding the truth from you - disguising it, obscuring it, twisting it.

"Never Trust a Liberal Over Three - Especially a Republican" by Ann Coulter: Don't expect her to hold anything back.

View these titles and more here.

Hillary worse than liar and crook, says D'Souza

"She is more than just a liar," No. 1 New York Times bestselling author Dinesh D'Souza says at the beginning of his new book "Hillary's America: The Secret History of the Democratic Party."

Hot off the presses, the book, being accompanied by a new dramatic documentary film that follows in the tradition of D'Souza's record-breaking box-office successes "2016: Obama's America" and "America: Imagine the World Without Her" now available on DVD along with all of D'Souza's heroic work - for which he paid a big price with a selective prosecution by Barack Obama's ultra-politicized Justice Department.

In "Hillary's America," D'Souza expertly excavates the past to show that the election of Hillary Clinton would be the terrifying culmination of a two-century-long plot by the Democratic Party to steal America for the politically favored few.

To understand Hillary's political gangsterism -- and how a Hillary Clinton presidency threatens to utterly transform America -- D'Souza traces the secret, sordid history of the whole Democratic Party: how it deliberately transitioned from pro-slavery to pro-enslavement; how it reduced citizens to serfs; how it has managed to turn Democratically controlled cities into hotbeds of crime and corruption; and how Democrats have made a practice of buying and selling political influence -- even when it puts the nation at risk.

Read more about "Hillary's America" here.

In addition to checking out all of D'Souza's great work - both books and movies - you might want to getting Ben Kinchlow's ground-breaking "Black Yellow Dogs" that supports his case against the racist history of the Democratic Party, also one of the hottest books in the country.

It has often been said, "What you don't know won't hurt you." Not true. Ignorance is deadly.

Have you ever heard the phrase, "Forty acres and a mule"? Do you know how slavery actually began in America? Did you know the KKK lynched over a thousand white people? Do you know why? Have you ever wondered what African-Americans want, and why they vote Democratic?

Did you know that most blacks DO NOT support Affirmative Action? Who speaks for African-Americans? Do Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton and others really speak for black America? Who elected these "civil rights leaders"?

If you have ever considered, even briefly, any one of these questions, or others in the area of race relations, then you need your own copy of "Black Yellowdogs." (What does "black yellowdogs" mean, anyway?)

Buy it, read it, mark it up, look up the facts, burn it or, better yet, give it to one of your white or black friends and talk about it. Remember, the most dangerous citizen is not armed, but uninformed.

The essential guide to Hillary's high crimes, misdemeanors

WASHINGTON – It's time to arm yourself with the facts about Hillary Clinton, says WND founder and editor Joseph Farah, who has been investigating what he calls "the Clinton crime family" since 1992.

If America gets it wrong in November, he says, say goodbye to America's liberty and prosperity for a generation.

Farah has worked hard directing his news team to conduct some of the biggest exposes of Hillary's lies, obfuscation, corruption, character flaws, history and plans for the future on WND and in book form. Now he has assembled what he characterizes as "the essential guide to Hillary's high crimes and misdemeanors" for those who want the resources to fight back by sharing them with their friends and family members before it's too late.

Starting with the latest – hot off the presses:

That's our essential guide to the truth about Hillary.

There's not much time left to get informed and help inform others.

Use these tools to get the word out – and save America from a fate worse than death.

"We've been investigating her longer than the Justice Department," said Farah. "But time's running out to get the word out to the public. We've documented the case against her. We will continue to do so – with far more coming. But we need a little help from our friends to get the word out on a very tight deadline."

Review all the investigative works WND has done here.


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