Wednesday, August 17, 2016


Fellow Conservative,

The side that controls the narrative wins the election.

The liberal media will manipulate conservative soundbites to paint us as incompetent, heartless individuals.

Do they ever do that to the Democrats? Of course not.

But as conservatives, we’re held to a double standard.

That’s exactly why we have to go straight to the voters with our message of limited government, economic freedom, and strong foreign policies.

My friend Paul Ryan and House Republicans are planning a huge Ad Blitz in the coming weeks to tell the truth that the liberal media does not want the undecided voters to know.

It will take an investment of
$1 million to bypass the biased media and the attack ads of the Democrats.

The good news is we are almost to that goal. We are just $541,215 short. Can I count on you to help push them over the top?

Pitch in $25 immediately >>>

Pitch in $50 immediately >>>

Pitch in $100 immediately >>>

Pitch in $250 immediately >>>

Or pitch in another amount via this secure link:


Newt Gingrich

P.S. Don't forget. Speaker Ryan and House Republicans only have until midnight on Friday to meet their goal of $1 million.

Here’s a secure link to pitch in now:


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