Wednesday, August 17, 2016


BJ3: As we said, “they” are blocking many of “us”. THX Char...From: Sher...
Why anyone remains with AOL is beyond my ken.
From: charlite.....AOL has been hyper-active in interfering with my emailngs - both send and receive PLUS now they're blocking more and more of the conservative TRUTH-TELLING commentaries and reports that I find and attempt to send.

BJ3: And of course with Kaine and his ilk as the  overlord minority...From: Rob E
Tim Kaine: White people need to be a minority
From: Rob E...London Mayor “Hate” speech Rule coming to USA?.....Malzberg
From: Rob E...Italian Politician: Mosques Are Terror Factories

From: Jenny...Will Muslim Mob Now Apologize to Trump? 35 Yr-Old Hispanic Oscar Morel Arrested for Killing NY Imam

From: sherzieve...This is the same UN we the people of the USA heavily fund.  We are--literally--paying them to stand by while every possible abomination is allowed to be effected upon humans by the Islamic savages...From: "John Rolls"
UN Peacekeepers, US Embassy Stand Down, US Aid Workers Beaten, Raped In Sudan

From: Jenny...Hillary Drafts Illegal ‘Dreamers’ To Get Immigrants To Vote...Hillary Clinton's campaign on Sunday announced a program to recruit undocumented "Dreamers" into a voter registration army even though they are not allowed to vote...
Norpoth: 87% Change Trump Will Defeat Clinton - Lou Dobbs

MORE ON THE POLLS...A total of 50,000 people polled in 50 states...

From: Jenny...Giuliani: ‘So Many People Own Hillary There’s Nothing Left of Her’

From: sherzieve...From: charlite...At least 1/3rd (maybe more) of moderate to conservative Democrats + a majority of blue collar Dems will leave the Obama-Clinton-Debbie Wasserman Schultz cabal that has eliminated every element of the once proud Scoop Jackson DNC. At the same time, a majority of Independents will be grateful to POTUS TRUMP for bringing Law and Order, American Pride and U.S. WINNING back to our native land - and so they'll join the new, back-to-basics GOP as the old Jurassics fall out of favor and into rapid irrelevancy.............Vote TRUMP. There's a NEW DAY DAWNING, if we can just pound Hillary into the ground via full exposure of her crimes, then relegate her entire career to the 'ash heap of history' where her 'record' belongs.
BJ3: Never thought he might be like this...From: Thomas More Law Center
A Catholic Priest Tells Christians to Stop Being So Naïve — Wake up to the Threat of Islamic Domination
From: Rob E...The Baltimore "Riot Mom" Is Homeless After Her Son Accidentally Set Their House On Fire!
From: Rob E...Feds Kept 1,300 Fugitives In HUD-Funded Homes Secret

From: Jenny...Lover boy…Pucker up! Hilarious video shows an orangutan expertly posing for photos with a tourist... but sneaking in a kiss for his troubles...
Fav Bonus From: Jenny...That's puppy love! Heartwarming moment Romeo the dedicated dachshund is reunited with his airman owner after six months apart

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