Sunday, August 14, 2016


Dear Patriots,

You are stopped at the traffic light, and a man with a squeegee races over and slings dirty water all over your windshield.

Then he smears it around and demands payment for services rendered -- services you never wanted.

That's the model union bosses rely on to ensnare workers into dues-paying ranks against their will.

Right to Work laws ensure that workers cannot be forced to pay fees for union bosses' "services" they do not want.

But now, in a string of lawsuits filed in state and federal courts across the country, union bosses are advancing an outrageous theory that Right to Work laws are unconstitutional

For instance, in a lawsuit in Wisconsin state court, union lawyers are arguing that the state's Right to Work law represents "an illegal taking of union resources."

In other words, according to Big Labor's twisted "logic," union bosses are constitutionally entitled to seize fees from independent-minded workers.

That's like the squeegee man arguing he's constitutionally entitled to payment because you "took" his dirty water on your car.

In a new brief filed on Wednesday defending the law, National Right to Work Foundation staff attorneys debunk this argument on the behalf of 5 pro-Right to Work Wisconsin workers.

Time and again, your Foundation has successfully defended state Right to Work laws from legal attacks.

And now, Foundation staff attorneys are fighting off Big Labor's multi-front attacks against state Right to Work laws nationwide.

Big Labor hopes that by throwing out as many legal assaults and bogus arguments as they can, one will eventually stick and Big Labor can go back to forcing workers in Right to Work states to pay union dues or be fired.

Defending and enforcing state Right to Work protections is a crucial component of the Foundation's strategic litigation program.

Your National Right to Work Foundation is the only organization committed to protecting and enforcing state Right to Work laws in courts nationwide.

And without you, we wouldn't be able to fight. Thank you.


Mark Mix

P.S. The Foundation relies completely on voluntary contributions from our supporters to provide free legal aid. Please chip in with a tax-deductible contribution of $10 or more today to support the Foundation's programs.

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