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From: sherzieve.....They're being told what to think by the LL.  It's so much easier than having to think on their own. From: "doug walk"  New York Post: Trump's Revolution Should Be Embraced by Both Parties
"It’s shocking how few people, even conservatives, know anything about Donald Trump’s tax plan. Trump’s tax plan closes corporate loopholes while slashing business and personal tax rates across the board, giving poor people who make less than $25,000 a year (or $50,000 for married couples) the privilege of not having to pay any income taxes. It sounds pretty conservative to me."

From: chuckolb...There are 3 Presidential Debates 2016 

BJ3: And...yesterday, at the Catholic Church we attend, we were all asked to pray for “ethnic diversity” AND then to bring an end to “terrorism”.  Isn’t that a contradiction?  From: Kirk MacKenzie  
Free speech. What a novel idea.
Trump to Pastors: 'Christians Have Been Silenced Like a Child' 
From: Rob E     Exclusive: Dr. Ward Calls Out McCain for Disingenuous Trump Support
From: sherzieve  
From: "doug walk"
"He declared that if they keep playing “their stupid game,” they will be responsible for every single policy that Hillary Clinton implements if she’s president. Hannity accused all these conservatives of, in essence, supporting her campaign."    (Obama won a 2nd term due directly to millions of "WHINING" republicans who did not vote "TO MAKE A STATEMENT", TO WHO) ????
Hannity Angrily Rants Against Republicans SabotagingTrump, Names Names | Mediaite

From: Jenny...Typical example how they view sheeple as stupid and ignorant…
Bill Clinton: Email Classification Issues Are ‘Too Complicated To Explain To People’ [VIDEO]
“This is the biggest load of bull I’ve ever heard.”

From: sherzieve  
From: "John Rolls"     
Hillary Finally Gets ‘Legal Whooping’ She Deserves - Larry Klayman
From: charlite   

Contained within WikiLeaks’ recent release of hacked DNC emails is a message from billionaire globalist financier George Soros, to Hillary Clinton while she was U.S. Secretary of State, that clearly reveals Clinton as a puppet of the billionaire class.     Found within the WikiLeaks’ Hillary Clinton email archive is an email with the subject ‘Unrest in Albania,’ in which Soros makes clear to Clinton that “two things need to be done urgently.”    
He then directs the Secretary of State to “bring the full weight of the international community to bear on Prime Minister Berisha” and “appoint a senior European official as mediator.”      Revealing the influence he wields within the corridors of power, Soros then provides Secretary of State Clinton with three names from which to choose. Unsurprisingly, Clinton acquiesced and chose one of the officials recommended by Soros — Miroslav Lajcak.

From: Jenny...Globalists Unite: Hillary Clinton Running Mate Tim Kaine Dines with George Soros’ Son Trump's rise terrifies world elite
From: Rob E   President Trump will order their arrest and imprisonment.  Soros unleashed   
From: Kirk MacKenzie     Government on the Take - Target: Freedom   Private property falls victim to forfeiture laws
From: sherzieve   From: "doug walk" (Coming soon to America if hellery wins, watch for it)
Over 6,000 Migrants Sue Germany For Taking Too Long With Asylum Claims - Conservative News
From: D Johnson...
You just can't make this stuff up. And Hillary wants to allow more refugees!
From: Rob E   Lauren Southern: Many "Syrian refugees" aren't "Syrian" or even "refugees"

From: Rob E     Obama Admin Plans To Give Global Control Over Internet Domain Names
BJ3: It’s already happening...(blocking for “being unacceptable to the internet community” and such.)
From: Rob E
FEC’s Anti-Free Speech Democrats Plan Internet Censorship of Political Speech

From: Savage... Thug gang harass woman in nightclub but suffer INSTANT justice from boxer husband
   From: "Mary Seales"
It is deplorable that a disabled senior citizen has to go through this. Maybe this will get in the hands of someone who can help this man. (If you own a gun, you should be an NRA member - they only have 5 million members; supposedly 100 million households own guns.)

I read about this in my NRA magazine.

From: Jenny...A must see video…Glazov Gang: Islam’s Hatred of Dogs and Animal Cruelty

From: Sher Zieve   From: Dave Hollenbeck...Bronx Cops Rescue 22 Dogs Living In SUV

From: Jenny...Part I: Will Animals Be in Heaven?

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