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Submitted by: Donald Hank

From Irina. BTW, she says she can't buy Rodney Atkinson's book because the money transfer system is down in E. Ukraine. You see how the US, with its SWIFT system punishes people. It is actually the US-backed Ukraine government that has closed off these services but if Russia ever develops its own SWIFT system, these problems could possibly be solved. Perhaps there is someone on this list who would consider buying the hard copy of the book and sending it to Irina by mail but we must first find out if the mail system is working.

 Remember that E. Ukraine is suffering and is only trying to survive. The fascist-friendly coup government bombards civilians (as you can see from the sitreps) and has banned the NATIVE language of the E. Ukrainians in all government services. How would you like to live in a US state where English is banned? That is exactly the kind of insult Kiev has imposed on these people in the east, with the blessings of our Neonazicons in Washington. Hillary supports this wholeheartedly. So do Neocon groups like AIM (Accuracy In Media -- Accuracy? What a sick, perverted joke!).
Our thanks again to Irina.

Here is the link to the next Donetsk blog, this time it is not only about Donbass, but the Crimea as well.
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12 авг. 2016 г., в 16:59, DON HANK <> написал(а):

I had mentioned Rodney Atkinson's book "And into the Fire - fascist elements in post war Europe and the development of the European Union" to you before. I strongly recommend it as background material for a better understanding of the current Ukraine debacle. I remember very well the visit by German foreign minister Frank-Walter Steinmeier to Ukraine during the bloody US-EU-inspired Maidan coup and saw a photo of  him with notorious Ukrainian fascist sympathizer Oleh Tyahnybok. Germany is behind most of the vile mischief in geopolitics and fully supports our Neonazicons in Washington, which can quite honestly be called a foreign occupation force operating well outside the will of the US people.
In fact just a few days ago I heard Steinmeier on German cable TV channel DW speaking out against voting for Trump. That is one of the best endorsements Trump could have received. A Nazi sympathizer hates him. Good for Trump.
I think you can see that Rodney Atkinson's take on the EU as a dictatorship inspired by the Third Reich is spot on. Sadly, Washington fully supports its brown-shirt policies.
The Kindle version of Rodney's book set me back less than $4. 
Brief book review below:

 2014 another invasion of historic Russian territory was launched by 
NATO and the European Union (or German Europe as we should call it)

 USA spent $5 billion and Germany spent decades utilising its political 
foundations to undermine the Ukrainian Government. So fell a Government 
recognised by the West as having been democratically elected in a post 
Soviet independent State.

 no State controlled by NATO/EU is either independent or democratic and 
the internal forces which overthrew the Government of Ukraine were 
extreme nationalist and fascist - drawing their inspiration from their 
Nazi past and keen to shake hands with the German Foreign Minister! [The
 Steinmeier mentioned above--Don]

 this return to the Europe of Nazism, fascism and German imperialism 
came about is clearly set out in all Rodney Atkinson's books since 1994,
 the latest of which is
"And into the Fire
 - fascist elements in post war Europe and the development of the 
European Union" available from Amazon as either an ebook or paperback.

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