Saturday, August 13, 2016


Hillary Clinton Team Covering Up U.S. Money Going to Terrorists?

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FBI Opens Up New Criminal Investigation into Clinton Family Corruption!

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Are We Headed For The Next Mini-Ice Age? (Video)
Hillary Clinton’s Favorite Charity Herself, Tax Returns Show
Muslims in England Tell British Woman to “Cover Herself” [video]
Sheriff says Hillary Clinton is “a Straight Up Cop Hater!”
Hillary Clinton Strategist Calls for Murder of WikiLeaks Founder
Obama Turns Navy Destroyer into Sinking Vessel of Iniquity
Mother Sues TSA Bullies [VIDEO]; Will Hillary Care?
Obama’s Presidency Explained by the Book of Numbers
Think the Media is Unbiased? Then You Haven’t Seen This Yet!
FBI and US Attorney’s Office Launch Investigation into Criminal Activities of the Clinton Foundation!
“Libertarians” in Congress have a Choice to Make this Election
Important Republicans Still Can’t Support Trump; Clinton Gets Big Endorsement
NPR Claims Donald Trump Lied and Then Confirms What He Said
Constitution Party Candidate Darrell Castle: “Mr. Trump Doesn’t Know” What the Constitution is!
The Clinton “Coincidences”
Facebook “Likes” State Study Shows Interesting Divides in America
INCREDIBLE: Wild Animal Love [video]
Not “With” Her
Today, August 13, 1781: Patriot Legend Swamp Fox Lures British into Ambush
News You Can Use for August 13, 2016
Praying Coach Sues to Get Job Back
Trump and Putin Correct About Administration and Clinton Creating ISIS and Here’s the Proof
Why Governments Don’t Like the Ten Commandments
SUMMER SLAUGHTER: ISIS Kills 100 in One Week; Beheads 23 Teens, Dissolves 25 in Nitric Acid
When Incest Became ‘Genetic Sexual Attraction’

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