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Heck of a Week: August 12
These members of the Elko County Sheriff's Department are having a honored week. Lee's is having a 35th Anniversary week. This is Heck of a Week.
In The News
**Dr. Joe Heck challenges Cortez Masto to debates in Las Vegas, Reno and Elko**

Dr. Joe Heck for U.S. Senate formally issued a debate counteroffer to the Cortez Masto campaign in a letter from Heck Campaign Manager James Langenderfer to Cortez Masto Campaign Manager Scott Fairchild. Emphasizing the importance of reaching all Nevadans, the Heck campaign proposes three debates in Las Vegas, Reno and Elko to be broadcast statewide on television and radio, including Spanish-language outlets.

“Dr. Joe Heck wants to serve all Nevadans as their next U.S. Senator, which is why we propose debates in Las Vegas, Reno and Elko to be broadcast statewide,” said Langenderfer. “With more than 86 percent of its land controlled by the federal government – the highest percentage of any state – policies in Washington, D.C. have an outsized impact on our economy, with different outcomes for different communities. Dr. Heck believes holding these debates across the Silver State sends a powerful message that all of Nevada’s voices will be heard.”
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**National Review: The GOP’s Best Hope for Picking Up a Senate Seat: Joe Heck**

Nevada might be ready for a non-corrupt senator.

On January 3, 2017, Harry Reid will officially retire from the United States Senate, bringing to an end 30 years of his unique brand of political skullduggery, which ranged from using the Senate floor to attack private citizens’ political speech to lying about Mitt Romney’s taxes (later justified on the grounds that “Romney didn’t win, did he?”). Dr. Joe Heck, the Republican candidate to replace him, promises to give Nevadans something different: “After eight years of Barack Obama and 30 years of Harry Reid, America and Nevada are ready for change — and I’m going to bring that change.”

Heck is in his third term as the congressman from Nevada’s third congressional district, where he has been less interested in rhetorical bombast than in finding solutions to niggling problems. He was instrumental in ending the Medicare Sustainable Growth Rate in 2015, which since 2002 had threatened Medicare doctors with automatic payment cuts and which Congress had regularly circumvented by means of short-term “doc fixes.” The Hill called ending the SGR “one of the biggest achievements for the new Republican Congress.” When the Supreme Court struck down the Stolen Valor Act of 2005 during its 2012 term, Heck sponsored a revised version of the bill that addressed the Court’s concerns; it was promptly signed into law. His results have been such that, in a district split 50–50 between Republicans and Democrats, he won his first reelection bid by seven points and his second by 25 points.

Heck’s areas of focus in the House reflects his résumé. Congressman is only his latest hat. He is a board-certified emergency-medicine physician who has practiced extensively in Nevada; he is a 25-year Army Reservist (rank: brigadier general) who served three tours of duty, including one in Iraq; and he is the former owner of a security-consulting firm that he steered through the economic downturn. Heck points out that most Nevadans share the same major concerns: national security, jobs and the economy, and health care. And he notes, “I have real-world experience in each of those areas.”

In conversation about policy, it shows. On topic after topic, he can rattle off proposals and is happy to get into the weeds. He’s not “wonky”; he just knows his stuff.

Both his time in and out of Congress is put to good use — for example, on health care. “Do you want to know what works and what doesn’t work in health care? Go to an inner-city hospital emergency department. I like to say that if, back in 2010, more physicians than attorneys had been writing the health-care bill, things would have looked very different.” In his first term in the House, Heck sponsored a bill to repeal what he calls the “Un-Affordable Care Act,” and elements of his bill have been taken up by House leadership. He’s part of the 18-member GOP Doctors Caucus, where he tries to develop and push legislation that will increase “access to health care, not health insurance,” (the latter is the real outcome of Obamacare, he says). That’s a particularly urgent problem in Nevada, which ranks 47th in the nation in the ratio of doctors to patients. Among other remedies for his state, Heck would like to see increased medical-residency funding and, given Nevada’s changing demographics, an expanded effort to recruit Latino doctors.

Heck has joined his medical and military backgrounds in his work in behalf of veterans, who make up 8 percent of Nevada’s population. He succeeded in getting a permanent Veterans Affairs clinic opened in Laughlin, Nev., at the state’s southern tip, after learning that some veterans were forced to drive hours to reach a VA facility. Integral to helping veterans, says Heck, is the veterans’ advisory panel he set up and meets with quarterly. This is the sort of attention to constituents that Harry Reid never provided, he says, and that he promises he will if elected: “I will address the issues that are important to Nevadans.”
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**Volunteer of the Week**

Haley Fortezzo is our Volunteer of the Week! For the past few months, Haley has exemplified the spirit of community involvement and commitment to a cause. We are proud to have this bright young woman on our team and will miss her when she returns to Reno to study International Affairs this fall. Thank you Haley!
Get Involved

Joe cannot win without your help. It’s all hands on deck to defeat Harry Reid’s handpicked candidate Catherine Cortez Masto. We have many ways for you to get involved. You can also sign up for a Team Heck shift here.

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For 25 years, Joe Heck has served Nevada as a doctor, small business owner, legislator, and soldier in the U.S. Army Reserve. He served three tours of active duty, including Iraq where Dr. Heck ran the emergency services and aeromedical evacuation section of a combat support hospital. In 2014, he was promoted to the rank of brigadier general. Dr. Heck has served Nevada's 3rd congressional district in the U.S. House of Representatives since 2011.
Use of military rank, job titles and photographs in uniform does not imply endorsement by any service branch or the Department of Defense.

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