Thursday, August 25, 2016


Submitted by: Black Conservative Fund\

Fellow Conservative,
Love him or hate him, Donald Trump made an impassioned plea to black voters last week that was honest and to the point.
He did what no Democrat will ever dare to do -- he called out how many predominantly black communities are in severe poverty, have poor-performing schools, and have tragically high rates of youth unemployment.
His cry to black voters was simply, ‘What the hell do you have to lose?’

While conservatives are mixed on their opinions of Donald Trump, this is something I think we can all agree on — under Democrats, blacks have suffered greatly.
That is exactly why the Black Conservatives Fund (BCF) has developed our 2016 Plan for Victory based on our success in Louisiana two years ago…. we helped defeat Mary Landrieu, and now we need your support to beat Hillary Clinton and her cronies around the nation.
The plan we’ve begun to implement this year has been battle tested -- and it’s been proven to work.
You see, in 2014 we used the Louisiana Senate race as a testing ground for peeling away some of the black vote from the Democrats.
We realized that we only need to strip away a few percentage points from the Democrats, and we would be able to dismantle their entire political plan…. not just in Louisiana, but across the nation.
Well in 2014, we saw great success -- TRIPLING black votes for Republicans in our targeted precincts -- and we knew we were on to something.
We realized that by implementing our plan in historically liberal black neighborhoods across the United States, we could shift the entire electoral map, deny Hillary Clinton victory in 2016, and really turn this country around.
Democrats have captured the black vote for decades, but given how Democrats have failed black communities, that’s exactly why BCF is committed to educating black voters about conservative policies.
Year after year more than 95% of blacks vote for Democrats, and this year it’s been reported this number could reach as high as 99%.
We’re working to target voters in historically liberal black neighborhoods who are fed up with Barack Obama’s disastrous policies by executing a comprehensive campaign of phone calls, mailers, and door-to-door efforts.
We cannot simply allow Hillary Clinton to run away with the black vote, then get into office and cause more blacks to lose jobs, be saddled with a greater national debt, and strip away our freedoms.
Our 2016 Plan for Victory is focused solely on the black vote -- we’re going into targeted neighborhoods and conducting an aggressive on-the-ground campaign to turn out the black vote for Republicans.
While Republicans may disagree on Donald Trump, we can all agree that black communities are suffering under Democrat leadership.
If we want to see more jobs created, burdensome regulations lifted, and opportunities created… we must elect conservatives to all levels of government in 2016.
BCF is the only group in America focusing on the black vote, going into targeted neighborhoods, and implementing an aggressive on-the-ground campaign to turn out black voters for conservatives.
But we won’t be able to implement this plan across the nation without your support.
We can change the electoral map, but only with your help.
Thank you for your support!
For America,
Ali A., Senior Advisor
Black Conservatives Fund

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