Thursday, August 25, 2016


11 Leftist Media Outlets Demand Clinton Foundation Close It's Doors

After allegations surfaced that Hillary Clinton used her time as Secretary of State to sell access to major Clinton Foundation donors, multiple left wing and center left media sources have come forward asking that the Clinton Foundation change their ways or shut down...

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Hillary Indictment Just Around The Corner

What Hillary has done requires an expedited investigation by a special prosecutor immediately, immediately, immediately. And now, these same Republican princelings — men and women who have been enabling Hillary Clinton's criminal reign for far too long — are squirming in their plush thrones because they know that they have nowhere to run and nowhere to hide...

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Another Fox News Personality Defects To CNN

It's not just rodents that desert sinking ships. This former Fox News personality has left her current role with Fox News to work as a political analyst with CNN. After being with Fox for a decade, she made her first appearance with CNN Monday night on Anderson Cooper 360...

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John Kerry Goes 'Birther' On Obama

Now that he's about to leave office, big-name Democrats may start throwing Obama under the bus on the birther issue. On Monday, Kerry told Kenya’s foreign minister he had a conversation with Kenyan President Uhuru Kenyatta concerning the Olympic Games in Rio and President Obama’s birthplace. "And I said...

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