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MAX ALERT: Many columns were content-censored below, requiring extensive, time-consuming workarounds, if we could find them...including, are you sitting, our own opening editorial.

The Pitching of Reagan Amnesty 2 (Yet Again)?
    One of our fellow, anti-illegal immigration associates called to say that Megyn Kelly had just announced “Trump does a 180 on illegal immigration” on the next Hannity Show.  So we said, let’s wait and see.
    Well, Trump may not have done a 180, but at least a 90 degree turn.  We did foresee such a possibility, alerting our readers in an opening Briefer commentary (8-18-16) and requesting their views. Few responded with any concerns. 
    On last night's Hannity,Trump said that he recently had a meeting with “great people, great Hispanic leaders...and there certainly can be a softening...(on illegal immigration) because we’re not looking to hurt people....”.    So, we now again ask for your comments.  Do you agree or disagree?     When Hannity asked his audience THE FIRST TIME, their response was CLEARLY AGAINST letting those aliens stay who entered the country illegally but have been “good citizens for 20 years” (and the rest of the same ol’ pitch).     So what did Hannity do? He restated the question flipping the order of the choices starting with “who wants them deported” and then “who did not”. This seemed done to get a planned response. So he did an “on air biased adjustment”. 
    Let’s be clear. This is the same ol’ losing, RINO Republican “amnesty” pitch that was barfed on “us” by the “Gang of 8”, RINO/Republican officials and others that was overwhelming REJECTED by 70-80% of national poll respondents. We know.  We specifically did those polls and were one of the first to have those results in our newsletter.
   To any researcher/true pollster, that forced adjustment is bad enough. BUTT, they made it even worse when they had prefaced it with “This is like a poll”.  To Messers Trump and Hannity, NO, IT IS NOT.  First, we have friends/family in Austin and there is quite a significant number of illegals living there. Hannity’s audience had a number of consistently loud protesters. For which option do you think they cheered?
    In short, you do NOT reward aliens who have CLEARLY violated USA immigration law by letting them stay = “AMNESTY”. Even though Trump says, “but no citizenship”, when they stay, the next SIMPLE step IS citizenship.  Period.
   Further, for all that’s known (since there’s no valid proof of prior names), those very same “good citizens for 20 years” illegals (which they still are) could have committed some of the unsolved deeds about which those poor, long-suffering people were exposing on Hannity the last couple of nights.
   Still, we could not help feeling that the whole show was staged to set up “A Reagan Amnesty 2” pitch. Later in the show, Rick Perry, Mayor Giuliani and Senator Sessions were on the panel. While none commented on the alleged “good citizens for 20 years” criteria, Perry and Giuliani have disappointed with their somewhat “softish” positions on illegal immigration. Should  our fav Senator Sessions be shifting in the same direction, that would be a monumental shame.  
   As of yesterday, our polls had Trump at +15.  If this possible “trial balloon” (per Louis Z), is not retracted immediately, look for a Trump plunge to maybe +10 or less.  So, just as a precaution, for those of you fully against illegal immigration, we urge you persistently contact The Trump Campaign, your city, county, state and fed, Republican Party “leadership”, etc. (especially Senator Sessions) and complain to the max that Mr. Trump should abide by his stated word (which is more toward his positions herein:
  We held our noses for the last two Presidential elections...and lost. That’s twice MORE than enough! And we’re Trump volunteers!

BJ3: It‘s worse than flipflopping. It is shifting to NOT following (read ENFORCING)...existing law. That may be super to those “great”, pro-amnesty “Hispanic leaders”, but it is not to us.  If he does, then he doesn’t need us. As we said, we’ve held our noses for TWO lost Presidential races.  That’s twice more than enough.
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