Monday, August 22, 2016


Submitted by: James

Normalizing Pedophilia.. Calling it Minor Attractive People.. 
The Social Engineers are Normalizing through church and state sponsored Psych professionals making pedophilia just another mental illness... 

Guess who runs these societies??  So on the road to De-criminalize.. Satanize and illuminatize the people..Undermine the morals of the children in the State sponsored Educational system with The United Nations Agenda 21 Common Core Program, that was perfected by the Rockefellers/Rothschilds and their ILK, Funded, Sponsored and Created Tavistock Institute, where they program society and the culture through brain washing.. 

All educational curriculums are  approved by these elite sponsored brainwashing think tanks.. 

Pedophilia is the favorite pastime of these sick perverted degenerate elite.. This is one reason they are going for pedophilia as a sickness so no one can be prosecuted for having sex with children.. Desensitizing pedophilia into calling it Minor Attractive People.. And anyone who speaks out about this are labeled by those who have no moral center or compass that rules their lives.. They have long forgotten, The Ten Commandments, as the foundation for a moral and just church and state.

When one does some research we find that the So called leaders of our Church and State are all either pedophiles or are complicit with it.. And because it will be lawful this will not allow the 501 c-3 churches to speak out about this, for fear they will lose their tax-free status..  I wonder how they will explain that Gd's so called chosen are the  Creators/authors of this filth..  Oh, yes and the media will cover all this up through their spin doctors..  No politically correct language here the truth is the truth.... There are no sacred cows when it come to the truth.. WE need to get our head out of the sand and look all around.. Look at the tree of evil.. not at the branches but at the roots..   Always follow the money...

 Their goal is to take away any semblance of a moral center or code and project immorality to pervert the morals of the people and children through sick pathological  One World Psychologists, who want to normalize Pedophilia, Gays, Lesbians and Transgenderism.. and anyone who speaks out about this is called  haters insensitive, offensive,  homophobic.... etc..

 WE all knew Satan was real, but now we are inviting him into our homes...  The biggest trick that Satan ever pulled was making people believe that he never or does not existed..  

AmericAwake... WorldAwake JT

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