Monday, August 22, 2016


U.S. Army Training Material calls Hillary Clinton a Threat to our Security!

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Republicans Voting for Hillary Clinton should be Ashamed

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Omaha Teachers Taught to Incorporate Black Lives Matters into Lesson Plans
MUST SEE! Donald Trump Challenges Black Voters: “What Do You Have to Lose?”
Colin Powell is Tired of Clinton Trying to Pin Her Problems on Him!
Donald Trump Demands an Apology from Hillary Clinton and it’s Awesome!
Federal Judge ORDERS Hillary Clinton to Answer Ethics Questions from Watchdog Group!
Why Black Fathers Matter [video]
Guess Who Else is Dumping MILLIONS into Supporting #BlackLivesMatter
Feds Forcing Homeless Shelters to Adopt Dangerous Policies Catering to Transgenders!
Pro-Choice After Seeing this Video? Then You’re a Monster.
MUST WATCH: Is the Donald Trump Message Coherent? Yes!
The Democrat National Convention Revisited and Remixed
FRIGHTENING: Secret Federal Agency Killing 3.2M Wild Animals, Violating Laws
I am a White Man
INCREDIBLE: Meet the Strongest Children in the World [video]
Hate, Lies, and Democrat Failures
Today, August 22, 1485: Battle of Bosworth Field Ends War of the Roses
News You Can Use for August 22, 2016
Obama’s State Department Approves $60 Million Arms Sale to Afghan Government: What Could Go Wrong?
Liberal Pundit Doesn’t Think Violence Against Whites Should be Called a “Hate Crime”
Using Facts to Prove the Liberal Narrative on Race All Wrong
It’s Not Too Late For You or America
Malia Obama at Raucous Martha’s Vineyard Party Shut Down by Police [video]
What’s the Difference Between a “Ransom” and Withholding Payment as “Leverage”?
Trump Visits Louisiana while Obama Golfs and Hillary Sleeps
Why Jews should Vote for Donald Trump

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