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Submitted by: David Bertrand

Sunni Terrorists Entering U.S. and How....

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When the Southern Command makes a statement that Sunni terrorists are penetrating our borders with ease....that should raise major concerns. How long before that general is relieved of his command?

Hillary Clinton wants to build bridges, "not walls," she spouts to her dumb-down supporters.....mostly genderfied.

My time on the border, I spoke with many USBP field agents and was present in two intelligence briefings with Border Patrol agents for two media documentaries, and the common phrase was.....for every one illegal alien captured, at least 6 get through. That ratio changes from year to year and is likely 2 to 1 now.

Note:  I can't emphasize this more....that "11 million" number the politicians use is from an old census of which illegal aliens volunteered their status on census forms. The real number is between 30 and 40 million (2007) if not 60 million by now. 

The ease by which a foreigner gets through the border is evident by the support from the Mexican side where special (businesses) and humanity support groups (FUNDED BY GEORGE SOROS) prepare and connect groups with certain guides a.k.a. Coyote's.

If you are Chinese....and there are thousands that cross, or if you are Pakistani, etc, you go to the head of the line and given the best of the best as your guide. But of course...the fee is about $10,000 per person as opposed to the low income immigrant of $1,500....which raises questions as to how poor and desperate they are.....and for those that cannot pay, you are ushered into carrying drugs on your escapade through the Arizona desert and subsequently into the world of slavery in Chicago or Atlanta as a prostitute or maid/waitress/cook.

The high profile foreigner might be two or three among a group of 30 Mexican nationals.

The ultimate trip across the border is with the help of the Tohono Indian Reservation (initially) until about 20 miles north of the border where a shift in the route takes them through the treacherous Baboquivari Mountains and into the Altar Valley, but hugging the mountains to avoid the Minutemen Civil Defense Corps  (MCDC) civilian volunteers working area ranches. That was during the height of illegal immigration between 2006 and 2012, but today....the same tactics are used by human smugglers with some resistance as the group approaches Hwy 86.

The other route(s) are much longer and can take as much as 8 days of walking, but requires extensive help from the Tohono Nation, which helps the groups travel north to Interstate 8 and beyond.

The preferred guide stays with the group, especially if there are special interest foreigners paying thousands of dollars, and often uses the low paying Mexican national(s) to leave the group to be forced (persuaded) towards a known hotbed of Border Patrol activity as a diversion.

It's a cat and mouse game that goes on every night in Arizona, and because Border Patrol are still undermanned, and the terrain not very hospitable, the Sunni terrorists are getting across the border and helped by (often) U.S. (Hispanic) citizens with organized crime elements for transportation to any and all major cities.

Note: Those caught readily and deported often, are those that cross high traffic areas in Texas and California. It's not likely a potential terrorist will risk those areas of operations. Those areas are the recorded numbers for the public's consumption. What happens in Arizona is beyond the pale, except for the Yuma sector. The Douglas, Nogales and Tucson sector are very busy....

Now...the problem !

Trump will dedicate himself to building that wall, but we know the Department of Interior and the Tohono Nation will be hell bent on having a wall along the reservation that borders Mexico for nearly 1/3 of Arizona's border. Everything from environmental concerns to sacred land and certain animal species that need Mexican or Arizona foliage, including the unspoken knowledge that Native Americans and Mexican/Native Americans transverse the border as if it wasn't even there, will be the thorn that cannot be broken.


Our drones, numbering about two that travel the border all night ("Omaha One" and "Omaha Two") do a fantastic job on spotting illegal aliens crossing the border....,but those seen crossing are the stupid ones that do not have the full approval or knowledge of experienced/informed high paid George Soros support groups and guides. On top of that....agent ground response is often hours and requires air support (spread far and few between).

The Mexican government in 2007 made a deal with Bush and later Obama, that U.S. Border Patrol must inform Mexico when the drones are airborne and where they are or will be next. Mexico ALSO required Bush to have USBP notify Mexico of the location(s) each night of where (ALL) civilian border protection groups were located, therefore....USBP sector operations required (me) to notify them each evening with coordinates and the number of activists in the group. It was supposedly for "coordination purposes for their agents" but was also being sent to Mexican officials from Washington D.C. (not Tucson) according to anonymous agent statements.

It doesn't end there....

I personally encountered rogue agents that assisted groups by cellphone and in one case....a fired shot from his M4, causing the group to scatter, and one mother leaving her 3 year old girl in the cactus infested desert that night. Approximately 1 hour later, we (MCDC) found the child unharmed. The agent that fired the round was Hispanic....(significant and not a racist statement liberals)

With all the elements of resistance to stop a terrorist, the push from behind by George Soros and encouraged by Hillary Clinton to build bridges instead of walls, while increasing Syrian and Afghanistan refugee invasion by 550% will be the death blow of our nation.

There's no doubt, the SHTF is coming one way or the other. Under Trump, the rogue elements with communist and Saudi ties will continue to side line any and all attempts to "Make America Great Again," but is our only hope for survival.

WHY??? Because...under Trump, you, me and everyone else will NOT be turning-in our weapons.

During WWII....the government pushed "civil defense" as the most reliable deterrent to foreign aggression. This time...only Trump will encourage such action, while a Hillary presidency will leave all gun owners and citizens vulnerable.

The take-down of America by the communists and Saudi's is underway.....     

"The infiltrators from terrorist states and unstable regions exploit vulnerabilities in commercial transportation systems and immigration enforcement agencies in some of the countries used for transit, Garcia said.
“In 2015, we saw a total of 331,000 (ed note: Ratio 2 to 1 equals ~600 thousand) migrants enter the southwestern border between the U.S. and Mexico, of that we estimate more than 30,000 of those were from countries of terrorist concern,” she said.

From The Desk of  Capt. Dave Bertrand (Ret.)  Int'l Freight Captain with military and law enforcement background. Director of the Intelligence Support Agency Inc (I.S.A.) during the early 80's, international aircraft repossession and government contractor. Following 9/11...trained DHS (counter-terrorism instructor), Border Security Specialist. Media Relations Director for MCDC, and Political Activist. 

After 9/11, it became apparent that American freedoms and liberties were under attack and those responsible are still dictating policies while undermining our constitution. My mission is to slice through the propaganda  and share important news among our network of patriots, military, law enforcement and selected news media sources. We are the pulse of America and we can win the battle against tyranny.

Opinions and discussion of today's hard hitting topics. If you wish to be removed....reply within, or please forward. Email news will still be around after the U.N. censors news websites after October 1st.

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