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McCarron-Walter Act

The Immigration and Nationality Act (INA) of 1952, a.k.a. the McCarron-Walter Act was passed to restrict the blanket immigration of certain individuals who, because of communist affiliation of other undesirable qualities, would be excluded from entry into the United States. President Truman vetoed the bill and congress subsequently overrode the veto and the act became law.

The overriding intent of the law was to exclude people from immigrating who would come to the United States with the intent of engaging in activities prejudicial to the public interest or subversive to national security. The law also gives the federal government the ability to deport anyone who engages in activities that were not in the interest of our country.
If ever a law was geared to a particular time in our history – it is today. The One intends to allow 10,000 refugees, mainly from Syria, to immigrate to the United States. Mrs. Clinton wants to increase that number to 65,000 yearly. The refugees cannot be properly vetted so we don’t know how many would be here to escape tyranny and oppression and how many to make and detonate bombs or otherwise kill our citizens. And presuming that each and every one of the refugees is as docile as a lap dog, American taxpayers still will be required to furnish them SNAP benefits (food stamps), free housing, cash welfare benefits, free medical care, and free education for any children they bring along.
The house and senate are controlled by Republicans but they have no intention of doing anything of substance to stop the president from bringing these refugees into our country. Even in light of what we can see happening in France and Germany from their refugee population – there is no tangible effort to stop the flow of refugees into America. If the feckless and docile (refer to lap dog comment) congress will not take a stand against Obama and his refugee plans, why should we think they would stand in Clinton’s way?
The federal government is spending millions to fight mosquitoes, screen people for the virus before letting them into our country, and attempt to keep mosquitoes which carry the Zika virus from getting into the United States. Anyone remember when the CDC informed us that mosquitoes couldn’t carry the HIV virus? All this begs the question; which is more of a threat to our civilization – mosquitoes or radical Islamic terrorists?
The DNC sent Mr. Khizr Khan, the father of a Muslim serviceman killed by Muslims in combat, out to lecture Mr. Trump on the Constitution. Although the media will never reveal the fact, if elected, Mr. Trump would have the legal authority to ban Muslims and the DNC revealed that they are the ones who don’t understand the Constitution. And the average congressional member might not know that there is a law which allows the president to keep potential terrorists out of our country. And in all honesty I am not at all sure that Mr. Trump is any better informed on this issue than congress members. But even if Trump is stumbling in the dark, at least he is willing to try and do something to curb the number of unvetted Muslim refugees which are flooding into our country.
There has been a lot of hullabaloo regarding Trump’s supposed religious test to allow individuals to enter the United States. The reality is that the Immigration and Naturalization Service currently uses a religious test – how else could they determine if an individual or group is the victim of religious persecution?
German Chancellor Merkel has allowed more than one million Muslim refugees to enter Germany. By any logical measurement the results have been devastating to her country. Merkel’s initiative led the charge to admit Muslim refugees into Europe and Clinton wants to visit the same carnage on America. Every eighty-four hours there is an ISIS attack somewhere in the world – do we want to increase our participation level? How many Americans have to die before our government puts our citizens ahead of feel-good ideology?
Desperate times call for desperate measures – obviously our leadership in Washington, DC, fails to see the threat of radical Islam. But they see the threat of law-abiding Americans having weapons with perfect clarity and therein lies the absurdity of their logic and agenda.
Have a good week. Bill Shuey is a freelance writer from North Carolina.
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