Saturday, August 6, 2016

GRASSTOPS USA 08/06/2016

Gold Star Mom: Hillary  'Treats Me Like Dirt'

In an interview on Thursday, Patricia Smith, mother of Benghazi victim Sean Smith, opened up about her battle with former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton. Smith described Sean’s love of being in the Air Force and their constant communication over his 8 years of service. She then told of how he went directly...

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Navy Seal Who Killed Bin Laden Makes Stunning Accusation Against Khirz Khan

Appearing on Fox Business Network's Lou Dobbs Tonight, US Navy SEAL Rob O'Neill, who killed Osama Bin Laden, said Khirz Khan's appearance at the DNC was "unfortunate," but that's not all he said...

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Another Gold Star Mom Verbally Slaps Obama

Karen Vaughn, mother of Navy SEAL Aaron Vaughn who was killed in Afghanistan, blasted Barack Obama on Thursday. "Your message has come across loud and clear, sir: You are not up to this job. You know it. We know it. The world knows it"...

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Muslim Woman Booted From Store For Wearing Islamic Garb

A Muslim woman in Indiana was kicked out of a Family Dollar Store for wearing full Islamic attire. The 32 year old Sarah Safi says that she had just entered the Family Dollar Store in Gary, Indiana to purchase some charcoal and she was immediately asked to uncover her face or leave the premises...

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