Saturday, August 6, 2016


BJ3: And even with these next six columns, Trump endorsed Snake Ryan (BARF!) and McAmnesty (QUADRUPLE BARF!) for “The Big Tent” outreach. First, we say to all those working for Nehlen and against Ryan/Mccain, do continue your efforts to get them out. There may be another motive (we hope): The Trump Trojan Horse Gambit. If so, It could be the best of all worlds: If Ryan then does not endorse Trump BEFORE the primary, then all the anti-RYAN forces should go at him full force and get rid of him.  If Ryan loses, Trump can say that the cause was due to his not showing unity ( Nehlen will understand). The only knock is the media will say that Trump has no coattails. So, who cares? If Ryan wins, Trump can say he helped. Personally, we’d like Ryan to NOT endorse Trump (staying fully in character..or lack of it).  (no link)

From: Jenny...Sheriff David Clarke on Jailbreak Bill: Democrats Have ‘Always Been Pro-Criminal’; GOP Elites like Paul Ryan ‘in Bed with This Sleazy Movement’

From: Audrey Lynn...ICE union demands Ryan help end 'national crisis' on border

From: Jenny...Exclusive — Paul Nehlen Challenges Paul Ryan to a Debate: He’s Hiding ‘Behind His Security Agents’ Like ‘Royalty’

From: Jenny...No Debates, No Open Press Events, Declining Fox News: Paul Ryan Running Scared in Final Days Ahead of Primary Election
BJ3: And much of that was “middleclass”...From: Sher...Almost 1/3 of the US population...From: charlite.....Charles Paine just said on FOX: 'We have a permanent unemployed UNDER CLASS.' - IMO, President Trump can change that. Were H. Rodham EVER to become POTUS, there would be over 100 million in that under class, guaranteed to continue to vote DEM for the next 25+ years....255,000 new jobs - 94,333,000 NOT IN LABOR FORCE - Drudge Report

From: RCroyts...
From: Jenny: Revolving Door Sends Millions to Refugee Resettlement Agency Run by Former Clinton and Obama Appointees

BJ3: Corey was soooo good in this...Don Lemon is such a lemon...and angela ray should just keep on talking. She’s the one who raised the issue. And, btw, angela, NO, BHO has yet to release his own actual, at birth, original, valid, rightly-certified BC (from wherever born)..the “BC” that’s allegedly sealed and vaulted...She has no clue what she’s saying...

From: sherzieve...
Must read.   Our government--aka ObamaGov--is filled with traitors and those who simply lust for power and money...ours...and will do anything to have them.  Look at what's happening now with the likes of Paul Ryan, John McCain, Mitch McConnell, virtually ALL Congressional Dems and on and on.  They have drawn the line over which we-the-people may not cross....or they will destroy us.  And, in supporting Trump, we have crossed over that line--to those who have already sold their souls to the devil.  They are fully and completely against us and I believe it will get a whole lot worse. From: "Dr. John Grady"...
BOOM!! Criminality and Treason at the Highest Level...Why don’t we see anything about this in the main stream media.  Where’s the outcry...

From: sherzieve...Thanks to Orly. Prediction...FNC, without Aisles, will soon be more biased toward the Left (or at least equally so) than CNN.  Murdoch and his 2 boys who now run the network are lefties and one of the boys has already said that he want Fox to be "more like CNN." From: "Orly Taitz"
FOX poll had 17% more Democrats than Republicans in order to show Hillary leading by 10%. Shame on you, FOX!

From: Louis Z   From: RUSH...What If the Public Doesn't See This Election the Way the Experts Do?  (Excerpt) But out there Trump is the vessel for the gazillions of people who are fed up with politics-as-usual and want no part of it.

MUST WATCH- Legal Mexican-American Citizen Explains Importance of Allegiance to America, Support
From: Rob E ...The Election Is Already Over and Trump Will Win in a Landslide
From: blueislandbobsue.....Yes, we better get more informed about many things.  Search, Search for the Truth.  God Bless our America.  From: -----They simply can't afford us to receive SS too. It wouldn't be fair to the mussie's 3 other wives.This video is from 8.2014 but I'm sure this practice is even more rampant now
This is WHY Hil LIAR y wants SS to disappear for Americans....

Dem. Attorneys General Sign ‘Secrecy Agreement’ to Hide Details of Climate-Change Dissenters Investigation
Poll- Millennials HATE the establishment
From: Jenny...'Flood of alienated, sex-starved refugees'...How Angela Merkel imperiled Europe's future 

From: Jenny...ANOTHER MYSTERIOUS DEATH=> Activist and Sanders Supporter Who Served Papers to DNC on Fraud Case Found Dead

From: Jenny...Federal Agency Debating Whether ‘Don’t Tread On Me’ Symbol Is Racial Harassment Final ruling could set dangerous precedent for free speech
Man spends one month in jail, loses job and home after police mistake homemade soap for
drugs...When Pennsylvania state police officers pulled Alexander J. Bernstein over to the side of Interstate 78 it appeared to be just another traffic stop. Bernstein was going 5 mph over the speed limit, traveling 60 in a 55 mph zone.
From: Jenny...Okay, dad! Adorably well-behaved kangaroo joeys jump into their pouches and go to sleep after being told it's bed time

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