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Submitted by: David Bertrand

Hillary's use of BleachBit was a calculated decision to scam and deceive

Friends and Associates:

The software company BleachBit is bragging about "stifling" the Clinton email investigation with software that "God can't even see."

If true....the NSA can't even find the 30,000 plus emails that Hillary deleted. But what we must take from this.... is why did Hillary (and Bill) choose such a software company that specializes in deleting files and emails with a guarantee that whatever said, negotiated, or finalized (between foreign governments and other obscured identities) on the back of the State Department, (opportunities) that basically further enriched the Clinton Foundation, can be erased and Hillary can deny, lie and further scam America into a presidential crowning....because they knew how dangerous their actions would be, but very clever, or very stupid.

Very clever if never caught....

Very stupid thanks to Julian Assange....

Obama was scammed by whomever encouraged him to nominate Hillary as his Secretary of State, and now he's eating crow. It's like an oxymoron to be campaigning for Hillary, knowing that he can't stand her and both Bill and Hillary can't stand Obama. I guess that's the Trump Effect in action. 

Hillary Clinton is guilty beyond a jury of her peers, because the jury selected would be a scam and Hillary would walk once again.

The only judicial solution is to stop her completely from taking the presidential crown.

Destroying her reputation is working on some levels, but her generized supporters can't see the forest through the trees and ready to sell-out America to the highest (foreign) bidder.....which just so happens to be the Saudi's, the women demonizing and murderous/human trafficking slave masters.

The women of America need to save their gender vote for a real and honest woman with a soul. Otherwise..if Hillary gets the crowning, women in America will lose any and all future opportunities to vote for a woman. The credibility factor with a Hillary Clinton in office will be a black eye beyond belief for all women. 

"That is the name of a publicly-available utility used to delete material from a computer's hard disk. And it's not just for casual, quickie deletes of junk mail. It's for when a user really wants to destroy material on a computer so that no one will be able to recover it."

READ BELOW....BleachBit brags about "stifling investigation."
From The Desk of  Capt. Dave Bertrand (Ret.)  Int'l Freight Captain with military and law enforcement background. Director of the Intelligence Support Agency Inc (I.S.A.) during the early 80's, international aircraft repossession and government contractor. Following 9/11...trained DHS (counter-terrorism instructor), Border Security Specialist. Media Relations Director for MCDC, and Political Activist. 

After 9/11, it became apparent that American freedoms and liberties were under attack and those responsible are still dictating policies while undermining our constitution. My mission is to slice through the propaganda  and share important news among our network of patriots, military, law enforcement and selected news media sources. We are the pulse of America and we can win the battle against tyranny.

Opinions and discussion of today's hard hitting topics. If you wish to be removed....reply within, or please forward. Email news will still be around after the U.N. censors news websites after October 1st.

"BleachBit stifles investigation of Hillary Clinton," the tech firm bragged on its website.

August26, 2016 By Bre Payton

The maker of software that Hillary Clinton used to delete thousands of e-mails from the secret, unsanctioned server she used during her tenure as Secretary of State is now bragging about its role in obstructing federal law enforcement investigation of Clinton’s activities.
BleachBit bragged in a post on its website about how it helped “stifle” the federal investigation into whether Clinton broke multiple federal laws governing the handling of classified national security information.

In an interview on Fox News, Rep. Trey Gowdy (R-SC) name-dropped the firm Clinton used to “wipe” her e-mail server. At the three-minute mark, Gowdy said that she used BleachBit to delete these emails “so even God couldn’t read them,” which seems to contradict Clinton’s claim that her deleted e-mails contained only innocuous personal information such as yoga routines and wedding arrangements for her daughter.

“When you’re using BleachBit, it is something you really do not want the world to see,” Gowdy said.


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