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Update: Our recent poll results are in.  Bottom line:  Post “softening” Trump is down 4 points to +11.  At this rate, our polls will soon be agreeing with the paid-for poll “results” alleging Hillary at +10-15.

A “Savage” Turn...
   Far too many people have all too easily sold out, I mean, joined this same ol’ “Reagan Amnesty, 2 - Again” effort. We’ve received many calls saying “Something must be up” and “Exactly what was gained as promised by the original amnesty?”.
   It’s said that Chris Christie is behind this one.  Still, just on board is Michael Savage, who has started ripping his loyal listeners, calling them “hardliners”, saying “You can’t deport 11 million people”, “Who will do those jobs that Americans won’t do?” and more.
   First, Michael, today’s minimum wage is much $15 an hour. So, let’s say there are 11 million illegals here (we say 30-40 million). Half of those 11 million are on some kind of ”entitlement” assistance or subsidy. So, does anyone really think that 5-6 million Americans would not do the work of the other $15 an hour? The issue was the pay, Michael, not the work. We know that for a fact as many here are doing or have done that less.
   As for deportation...of course Trump can, Michael, the same way they came in...little by little....if not much faster.
   Savage joins such rino-moderates as Christie himself, The Gang of 8 (with the hated McCain and Rubio), Giuliani, Pence (of the “Touchback” scheme?), Gingrich, Rush, etc. AND Hannity. Wow...Savage, Rush and nemesis Hannity, whom Savage nicknamed “Wallbanger”, together?  Will this “Savage Turn” now get him a spot on Hannity’s TV Show?
   After all, everyone has to get something out of this, right?  Everyone, that is, except the “hardline, extreme loyalists” that fearlessly and publicly stood up for Trump on his #1 CORE issue...illegal immigration/AMNESTY.
   Has Trump already forgotten his Nationalistic roots?  One Patriot-reader said (hoped) that maybe Trump softened his position to gain Hispanic votes. And then, after being elected, he would pull back on amnesty. Well, we think that would be a major PR disaster, losing huge credibility.
   Fast forward to today...the reaction from those hardline extremists must have been immediate, loud and wonderfully scolding.  Part of it came from Ann Coulter. This from Jenny: (4:00 – 6:00 and 11:00 to 13:30).  Also, Trump made some seeming walkback statements on CNN and elsewhere denying his reported “softened” positions.  This from Jenny:  (start – 7:30).
  By the way, Hannity and Cooper keep saying “11 million illegals”. We have long disputed that. The number is more like 30-40 million. Similarly, Coulter said, “Both Hillary and Tim Kaine said they will amnesty the 30 to 60 million illegal aliens”.
  This is a good time, then, to review Trump’s related positions that brought him those unprecedented victories in the debates and in the primaries, more accurately stated herein . 
  So, has Trump forgotten his Nationalistic roots? And, why did “Savage Turn” too? Any Comments? Let’s hear from you. THX.
Attention Mr. Trump and Team:     Mr. Trump must not be evasive regarding the immigration issue. Also, he must realize that if he is to be the Patriotic and honest President that he has expressed that he desires to be, then He must uphold the constitution.  The Law is the Law and one that enters our country illegally  has broken the law.  It is beyond unfair and beyond outrageous to think that individuals entering our country legally paying thousands of dollar to enter the country and then even more money to pay to become citizen and these illegals are being paid to break the law.  Our President is supposed honor and uphold our Constitution just as all of our elected officials.....So WHY are these illegals permitted to remain in the first place?  Why are the American People and the legal immigrants being treated as though we have committed a crime and we are paying these people to commit crimes against our country and the American people.  They all must be deported and given a time that they can enter the country legally if after investigation and questioning they prove that they can be in time bring to our country true American Patriotism and respect and honor for our Constitution and respect for the American People.  Yes, I do know of immigrants who were questioned and questioned and investigated before they could set foot in our America. However, they were not upset or mad about it, but were happy to display their desire to enter our country and one day be a citizen of our America.  Truth and Fairness and Justice for all.
Thank you for your time and attention.  God Bless our America.   Suzanne     (no link)

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BJ3: Well done, Stevie. Will be in today’s National Briefer. Not bad Billy C impersonation.  Have a great weekend.

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   Alexandra, you are full of --it. Women who are doing the same jobs as men, and providing the same value to their employer as men, get paid the same as men.   THE MARKET is the best determinant of what something is worth. No employer can afford to ignore where the value is coming from.  What ever the sex or color of an employee, no employer who wants to remain successful can afford to ignore the value that any employee brings to his work. Your claim of unequal treatment is nothing more than a shabby liew to sucker in the gullible to achieve political advantage.
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