Saturday, August 20, 2016


  Conservative Patriots,
I wanted to send along an update on developments from the campaign trail around the country and the activities of our PAC.
1. Paul Gosar – Arizona’s 4th Congressional District
We told you about Rep. Gosar last week. He’s a real patriot. It’s why he has a lifetime score of 87% with FreedomWorks, 92% with Heritage Action, and a solid B rating from Conservative Review. Well, unfortunately, the DC insiders are doubling down on their purge of Republicans. They’ve added funds to their assault and are now spending over $230,000 attacking a principled conservative Republican. Rep. Gosar is fighting tooth and nail to keep his seat, and is the latest target of their conservative purge. If you want to help Rep. Paul Gosar out, you can do so here.

2. Mary Thomas – Florida’s 2nd Congressional District
We have breaking news coming out of Florida's second congressional district. We just got our numbers in and Mary Thomas is locked in a close race. Right now she’s leading in the polls, but there are a lot of undecided voters. Nearly one in four voters are still undecided. So trust me when I say this, this race could go either way. And if you want to know how conservative Mary Thomas is, the best way to tell is from her enemies. Specifically, House Majority Leader (and former Boehner lieutenant) Kevin McCarthy has been hosting fundraisers for her opponent. In addition, the same Super PAC that's attacking Rep. Paul Gosar just spent nearly $130,000 in negative ads attacking her. If you want to help out Mary Thomas, you can do so here.
3. Andy Biggs – Arizona’s 5th Congressional District
I want to give you a special update -- we just got the numbers in this critical race to keep the seat that is currently held by principled conservative Matt Salmon. And the numbers show that this is a close race. In fact, it’s dead even and many voters are still undecided. This is a big deal. We need to elect Andy Biggs to make sure we send another strong Freedom Caucus member to Congress. If his moderate, liberal loving opponent wins, this will be a critical blow to the conservative movement. If you want to see how you can help State Senator Andy Biggs, you can do so here.
4. Rod Blum – Iowa's 1st Congressional District
Rep. Rod Blum is a courageous conservative. And he represents a Democrat leaning district. And he’s facing a Democratic opponent who just went on the air with a new TV ad. This is big news because it means that the general election in IA-01 has officially started. On top of that, Rod Blum’s opponent Monica Vernon has refused his offer of 10 debates throughout the congressional district. Rep. Blum has now proposed 6 debates. This is going to be a crucial seat to protect as it will both help protect the Republican majority and keep a principled member of Congress in office. If you’d like to help Rep. Rod Blum, you can do so here.
5. Darryl Glenn – Colorado U.S. Senate
Colorado Senate candidate Darryl Glenn spoke at the RedState Gathering and was very well received. In fact, the Denver Post described Glenn’s presence as a highlight of the Gathering. Glenn is campaigning against Obama acolyte and devout Clinton supporter U.S. Sen. Michael Bennet. This is a great conservative senate pick up opportunity - and could be absolutely crucial to holding the U.S. Senate. If you’d like to help out his campaign, you can do so here.
Upcoming Elections:
August 30: Andy Biggs (AZ-05)
August 30: Rep. Ron DeSantis (FL-06)
August 30: Paul Gosar (AZ-04)
August 30: Mary Thomas (FL-02)
August 30: Sen. Marco Rubio (FL-Senate)
FreedomWorks PAC is focused on supporting strong fiscal conservatives who will stand for less government and more freedom. If you’d like to help FreedomWorks PAC raise money for principled candidates through the election, please click here. Thank you again!
For Freedom,
Adam Brandon
Chairman, FreedomWorks PAC
Friendly Reminder: When you donate to a candidate through FreedomWorks PAC, we transfer 100% of your contribution directly to the relevant campaign. 

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