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From: charlite.....
Regardless of whether you mostly can't stand Buchanan - or not - this analysis is SPOT ON, IMO. Bottom line happens to be aligned with my own - i.e. In the very long 80+ days left in the campaign, there are many more pitfalls and pot holes that can utterly destroy Hillary and NONE that can do more damage to Donald Trump than the wicked media have already inflicted upon him, and against which he is finally mounting an effective set of counter-punches.  
Hillary is looking at a potential killer tsunami of damning information that will be released from various sources, in all probability. Her global crime family operatives cannot possibly keep all of her poison-gas balloons in the air. Too many people know too much after 40 years of the felonious (and murderous) activities of this political octopus and her SICK WILLY partner in crime............and they ARE sick - both of them. He's an incurable sexual predator and she's mentally unbalanced by her endless and insatiable grasping for money and power.  
Too many victims and one-time participants for 'all of them, all of the time' to remain silent while watching this sick pair of marauders get back into our White House. They'll be stopped - one way or another - as they take their final 'Olympian' lap in the pool of glory, to which both of them believe they have infinite entitlement. Hubris of such magnitude tends to fall of its own suffocating weight................and some cast-off from the past nobly steps up and says:............Thus far and no farther............[God Willing]
It ain’t over till it’s over - [Excellent piece by Pat Buchanan]
From: sherzieve.....This is what happens in a Banana Republic and a Marxist country...
From: "Orly Taitz"
Federal court wants to prosecute Sheriff Arpaio, while federal judges covered up Obama's use of bogus IDs
Evidence of forgery, fraud, fabrication in Obama’s IDs...Federal judge is going after Sheriff Arpaio as our ruling globalists are trying to intimidate sheriffs, particularly in border states, into submission, into not arresting illegals and into de facto surrendering the US  sovereignty to the international globalist mafia.
This is the reason why every American citizen should vote for Trump for president. He will end corruption everywhere, in all branches.

Report- Illegal Migrants from Terror-Linked Countries Surging into USA
From: sherzieve.....
We know why...don't we?.....From: "doug walk".....
"Details about what, exactly, an Obama designation as “critical infrastructure” would mean for elections remain hazy — probably deliberately, with Johnson's DHS also declining to comment on what specifically the scheme would entail." (All elections are controlled by the states, but obama now thinks federal oversight is needed, WHY ) ???????????

From: charlite...
AS RECEIVED from: DAVE in Prescott, AZ.
Oops! This leaked document from a major polling organization tells a different story. The Donald is killing it!  
From: Jenny...MUST WATCH: Donald Trump Delivers the Best Speech of His Life The establishment which has worked so hard to destroy him is in absolute in panic mode right now

From: Jenny...Trump Visits Louisiana Flood Victims as Hillary Rests and Obama Vacations

From: Jenny...Shock Poll: Trump’s Black Support Grows 6X in Week 
From: Jenny...Most Immigrants Back Trump on Ideological Test, Poll Shows  The views of immigrants and descendants of recent immigrants do not differ much from those of the general electorate

From: Allan Wall .....Francis scolds the Poles

From: Jenny...Hacked Memo: George Soros Lobbied Obama To Accept 100,000 Refugees Per Year — and Succeeded

From: Jenny...'We are Merkel's guests': Asylum seekers heading to Germany are 'refusing to work' insisting they were INVITED into the country

From: sherzieve...
Excerpt..."Rather than build his “Civilian National Security Force” from scratch, it now appears he may instead be opting for a hostile takeover. Most don’t realize it, as his takeover is happening in real time. Things are much easier to spot when seen in an historic perspective. It’s never easy to spot these trends as they happen."...From: "John Rolls"  
Has Obama Found a Way To Build His Civilian National Security Force? | iPatriot

From: Jenny...Strasbourg stabbing: Jewish rabbi knifed by man shouting 'Allahu Akbar' in daylight attack

From: Jenny...Insane: State Department Blames Media For Its Own Lies And Deception Over $400 Million Iran Deal  Spokesman grilled for half hour about cover up

From: Jenny...More than 100,000 defective combat helmets made by federal inmates put soldiers' lives at risk - and cost the government $19 MILLION when they were recalled

From: Savage...Now you can take class in Seattle on white fragility  (KTTH) Your tax dollars at work ...

Back to School- The Cesspool of Illegal Indoctrination
BJ3: Even for our whacked-out FDA, this is way too much...FDA claims Frosted Flakes are healthier than avocados, highlighting agency incompetence and corruption
From: Kathy Hawkins "Skunk Family Meets Cyclist" so darn cute!!! 

From: audree lynn ...
FYI John, video doesn't play, so went to YouTube (owned by google) and tried 4 - all wouldn't show Biden's greeting by these individuals.  Guess Google is suppressing their support.  But, a picture is worth a thousand words.....From:  John...Even Serbia is rooting for us to vote Trump.  Super.
From: Jim Holt .....WOW!  Uncle Joe wasn’t expecting this!

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