Monday, August 29, 2016


New Black Panther Leader: Trump is RIGHT about Black Voters and the Democrats!

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Clinton Would Import 1 Million Muslims in First Term

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New Mexico Educators Admit: Students Dissecting Aborted Baby Brains
Hypocritical Democrat Cries Racism, Forgets Her Own History!
Dear Liberal Prof. Who Raged Against the University of Chicago ‘Free Speech’ Letter
WATCH! Hillary Clinton’s Health: Why Does She Need So Much Sleep?
Why is Hypocritical Hillary Okay with Her Anti-Semitic and Anti-Israel Supporters?
TV Show Host Calls Hillary Clinton “A Damn Liar!”
A Shocking String of National Polls Show the Race Tightening – Clinton Camp Getting Scared!
Little Boy Saves Allowance for 7-Months then Buys Lunch for Local Police Department!
The Entire ‘LGBT’ Narrative Just Fell Apart!
The Need for Guns & Self Defense is Needed Now More Than Ever in Paris [videos, warning: violence]
Very Few Signs of Global Warming in Antarctica
VIDEO: George Soros Documents Hacked and No One Will Report It
Conceal Carry Permit Holders More Law Abiding than Police
The EpiPen Scandal
CUTENESS ALERT: Fireman Rescuing Cat Takes on Whole New Meaning in This Video
Back to School: This is the BEST Way to Be Greeted on the School Bus! [video]
The Science is Settled!
Today, August 29, 1862: Second Battle of Bull Run
News You Can Use for August 29, 2016
Freezing Gait: Does Hillary Clinton Have Parkinson’s Disease? [video]
John Stossel: Today’s Democrats are INSANE
This is What Civilization Jihad Looks Like in Australia [videos]
Julian Assange tells America “There’s More Clinton Dirt” Coming!
Is Bill Clinton REALLY Chelsea’s Biological Father?
Latinos United for Trump Are INSPIRATIONAL !!! [video]

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