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Ready Set Go to the Third Term !!!
Alas, there's an unbreathable evil stench in the
air and it surpasses chemtrails. Hither comes the
soebarkah setup for a third term of usurperism. Evil
continues it's path aghast the children of Heaven.
Worry not for their final term is in HeLL from which
there is eternally no escape ...
Maranatha !

Hell is all too real
by Pastor Lee S Gliddon Jr. - God's Word Christian Ministry

... The doctrines of hell are some of the most neglected doctrines in all of Scripture. When Ministers mention hell today, it is most often with derisive tones and ridiculed. It is as if their purpose it to convey that thoughts of hell are old fashioned and naïve and that only ignorant people believe that hell actually exists. Their reason is that they, as well as most men/women, hate the thought of being held accountable for their lives to God. They love the worldliness and actually love sin. Their carnal minds throw up so many objections to the idea of there actually being a hell that they will rarely listen to men of faith that make any mention of that ‘place.’ All too many seem to be thinking, “If I ignore it, maybe it will go away.” Sadly, even some of the most conservative leaders attack the thought of hell. I have witnessed a Minister, a very popular Minister say, on television, “God would not condemn anyone to hell. He is a God of love and compassion and will forgive any sin man might think of or actually commit.” [...]
Conservative Patriot 

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The Church Triumphant remains Under Attack !!!

Excellent Truth ...
Donald Trump Joni Ernst's Roast and Ride FULL SPEECH (8-28-16) (32:43) set to HD
Published on Aug 27, 2016 - FNC: O'Reilly, Kelly, Hannity
Iowa State Fairgrounds, Des Moines, IA - This JONI PAC fundraiser starts with
an optional motorcycle ride in honor of our veterans and patriots, followed by
a family fun pork roast. It’s going to be a great time for families to grab some
barbecue, enjoy a summer day, listen to the Nadas and hear from conservative
leaders from Iowa and across the country.

Our survival is only possible when we kneel together in prayer ...
This is not just an election. It’s a fight for the heart and soul of our Nation ...
Our prayers of support hither forth and are not forgotten ...

There are 3 Presidential Debates 2016 ... 

Hillary's America - Dinesh D'Souza

Clinton Cash - Official Movie Premiere (1:04:56)

Hillary outsourcing ...

Thanks beloved Rabbi Naphtali “Tuly” Weisz ...
America’s Fate at the End of Days

“Messiah-Like Figure” Donald Trump Will Factor into End of Days in America: Rabbi
by Rivkah Lambert Adler 

Hebrew “Trump 2016” Bumper Sticker
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Yavoh ~ He is coming !
Yahweh - Yeshua -  Ruach Ha-Kodesh
Ehyeh Asher Ehyeh אֶהְיֶה אֲשֶׁר אֶהְיֶה  
Minute by minute updates here ...
Watching for Yeshua Ha-Mashiach,7340,L-3089,00.html
Pray at the Kotel - the Western Wailing Wall
Entire Media News on this Planet
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Tropical Depression Nine Forms Near the Florida Keys; Will Soak the Gulf Coast This Week

Italy earthquake displacement

225+ heroin overdoses in 4 states in 1 week
‘Unprecedented’ cluster of overdoses baffles police

by Terry DeMio - The Cincinnati Enquirer

 CINCINNATI - An overdose crisis in the past week left police and emergency responders here drained and without clues. It also underscored that this region does not have resources to treat all of the people addicted to opioids, including heroin.

There is neither Jew nor Greek, there is neither bond nor free, there is neither male nor female:
for ye are all one in Christ Jesus.

Galatians 3:28 KJV

Ready Set Go to the Third Term !!!

Obama’s Third Term Plans are Underway
by John Rolls reporting
by Captain Dave Bertrand, Ret.
Friends and Associates:

The writing has been on the wall for quite some time as the establishment prepares to create a crisis of such magnitude, the election process will be shutdown, if not temporarily, but maybe for an entire third term for Obama.
There are two major variables that are causing great concern for the globalists in-charge of America’s future…..
Trump won the primary to the astonishment of his critics while Hillary is sitting on the edge of a razor blade with her crimes and health issues. A trump win destroys the plans for a New World Order that suits the establishment cronies and the world banking system. Even after some minor changes to get Trump in-line, he is his own man and knows the end game very well.
Hillary is being exposed at every turn and could be used as the catalyst for destroying a Trump landslide vote in November.
The country is more divided now than it was during the days of civil unrest during the sixties. On top of that, the instigators continue to promote domestic terrorism on the backs of all law enforcement agencies nationwide, even though there are plenty of rogue cops to go around. The judicial system is upside down and instigating a race war, while Obama is fueling the problem by allowing Islamic refugees to settle across America…knowing that at least 1% are ISIS inspired terrorists, according to their own CIA. Hillary has openly stated that she will increase the amount of refugees (550%) entering the United States. WHY? For what reason(s)?
To blatantly tell the public that we could see multiple terrorist acts on our own soil is setting-us-up for the end game of our democratic election system while implementing the National Defense Authorization Act (NDAA) on the American people.
Various levels of emergencies have been played-out to gauge the public’s acceptance of certain actions and policies by the administration since 9/11. The “Patriot Act” was written before 9/11 and will and has been used on American patriots, hence the name ! Fine tuning the future false flag event is reaching it’s final stages….
We know there will be an “October surprise” and all we have to do is look at how it’s all coming together in-order to get a sense of what the bastards will pull on the American people by November.
We know that Trump is the thorn of thorns in their backsides and Hillary could be out of the race very soon from a wide range of medical issues and/or legal problems. Joe Biden is still in the green room to emerge, and Hillary’s V.P. Kaine is a back-up to the policies and agenda for an elaborate Saudi coup of America via the rogue Saudi agents a.k.a. the Muslim Brotherhood if Hillary is eliminated.
There are back-ups to the back-ups and further confuses the compartmentalized government types, both good and bad, from pinpointing an exact plan that is only known by a handful of traitors. It further allows them to pull a stunt on all Americans and use the age old CIA label of “Conspiracy Theorist” as their psyop program. They did it to us on 9/11, they are about to do it again.
We know the election will be rigged, but because THEY know we know, an alternate plan is likely underway.
We know that if Obama is careless and gets us into WWIII with Russia, the game is over for any election.
We know that multiple terrorist acts in America could ignite a civil war and elections will be halted.
We know Obama hates the Clintons with a passion and vice versa, but yet both Obama and Biden are campaigning for her, which further raises suspicion as to what they have up their sleeves.
We know that Obama made the statement that it would be very difficult for him to turn the keys of the White House over to Trump.
We know there are elements in both parties that do not want Trump to win and are working behind the scenes for a simple solution, of which we cannot rule-out an assassination.
Therefore….several possibilities combined with a national emergency just might keep Obama in office for a third term. 
“We saw an example of this with the September 11, 2001 attacks where a New York judge suspended primary elections.  We also saw it with “Superstorm Sandy,” where several states either postponed elections or re-stationed polling locations.”

Read Full Story Below ...
Obama Wants A Third Term And This Is How He Could Make It Happen
by  Jeremiah Johnson -

Yes, we are all well aware the Constitution limits the Presidency to two consecutive four-year terms of office.  Then again, if you weigh the track record of the Obama administration, the Constitution is nothing more than a challenge that he bypasses and circumvents with every given opportunity.  Small wonder that he may very well do the same thing with the upcoming presidential elections.  Already a sham, the presidential elections are actually a vehicle he can use to grab that “Third Term” for himself.
First we’re going to quote straight out of the Huffington Post, an article from August 9, 2016, entitled“Does He Deserve a Third Term?  Obama is S.T.U.P.I.D!”  The acronym “STUPID” is supposed to stand for Super Human, Tough, Unequalled, Proactive, Ingenious, and Demi-god.
No, your eyes did not deceive you: that last was “Demi-god,” this article from a “Contributor” to the Huffington Post.  The last paragraph is very alarming, and here it is:

    “D         –           Demi-god
    What more can qualify a man as god?  A loving father to his children, best friend to his wife, a friend to his subordinates, a mentor to growing young men, hope to the hopeless, a victor in his challenges, the most powerful man on earth, yet a simple man in all his ways.  You will forever live in hearts of all as a god among men.”

A “god” among men, eh?
Akin to a professional boxing match, the slow and careful buildup in words by the media has begun.  Those sentiments are not a trumpet call, however; they are an echo of the mind of a narcissistic, soft-dictator that has systematically destroyed the United States over the past 7 years.  If you want the source of the reverberations, feast your eyes on this.  David Feherty of the Golf Channel conducted an interview with Obama and asked him some questions about his golf game.  Obama replied to the questions, and added:

    “But I’m not quitting my day job.”

Feherty’s response: “Actually you are quitting your day job fairly shortly,” referring to Obama leaving the White House in January.  Obama’s next reply gives it all away.  In the first part, he suggests his golf game might improve.  Then he talks about the presidency (the underlined portion), leaving no guesswork about his true feelings on the matter.

    “Then I may get good. I’m being forced out, I didn’t quit,” Obama said.

How do you like that one?  So how could this potentially happen?  Firstly, the states are the ones with either state-enacted provision to suspend elections or emergency powers to do so.  We saw an example of this with the September 11, 2001 attacks where a New York judge suspended primary elections.  We also saw it with “Superstorm Sandy,” where several states either postponed elections or re-stationed polling locations.
Barring such actions or state constitutional provisions, a governor can use emergency powers to postpone an election.  Feasibly under some “extraordinary” circumstance, Obama could direct the 18 Democratic state governors to jump on board and postpone the election.  This is secondary, however, and probably wouldn’t be needed.  Why?
Because Obama has the power to declare Martial Law, reinforced by the NDAA that declares the U.S. in a perpetual state of war against terror. [...]
source -
article url -

Obama Signs Executive Order To Allow Martial Law,
Dictatorial Powers In Peace Time *UPDATED*

Nationalize entire industries. Take total control over all food, water, energy, transportation and other necessary resources – both production and distribution. Draft people with specific skills to work for the government without compensation. These are just some of the unconstitutional powers Obama has granted himself with a new Executive Order.  It was signed and released Friday night, after the evening news cycle was already finished, at the start of March Madness, when nobody was watching. [...]

Thanks beloved Floyd Brown ...
Here’s Why Obama Will Get A Third Term …
Predicting our downfall is not anything that I ever wanted to write. Indeed, just a few years back,
I still hadn’t imagined that we would ever really allow the things we have without a fight. But we have.

by Dave Merrick

There is a strong likelihood that our next president will be the incumbent, Barry Soetoro, or – short of overhauling the 22nd amendment – whatever other liberal candidate the Democrats may produce. We conservatives have pretty much sealed our fate and, if we continue as we have, don’t have a snowball’s chance in perdition of ever again occupying the nation’s chief office. My prediction is just as unpleasant to me as it may be to any of my readers. Nevertheless, those are my sentiments, and I would almost be willing to take bets on the accuracy of my words. Here is why it will happen [...]

American Socialists Are Trying To Start A Race War So They Can Shut Down The Government
And Declare Martial Law- Don’t Take The Bait

by Andrew Bieszad

For the past several weeks there has been a lot of talk about the so-called “Black Lives Matter” protests, and how the protests seems to be growing in violence and less and less being done to deal with them. President Obama, as expected, appears useless to stop the violence and even siding with the violence by his same refusal. There is a lot of talk about “racism,” “discrimination,” and the usual language. There are even calls for black to take over southern states and create their own country and “kill all the white people”:

EXCLUSIVE: '2016 Obama's America' Filmmaker Reacts To President's Slam;
Looking For Network To Air Before Election; Says Mainstream Media Refusing Coverage
by Dominic Patten

The 2016 Presidential Election In A Nutshell !
as evidenced by a trip to Avalon International Breads, a Detroit bakery ...

Donald and Hillary go into a bakery on the campaign trail.  As soon as they enter the bakery, Hillary steals three pastries and puts them in her pocket. She says to Donald, "See how clever I am?  The owner didn't see anything, and I don't even need to lie.  I will definitely win the election.” Donald says to Hillary, "That's the typical dishonesty you have displayed throughout your entire life -- trickery and deceit. I am going to show you an honest way to get the same result." Donald goes to the owner of the bakery and says, "Give me a pastry and I will show you a magic trick."  Intrigued, the owner accepts and gives him a pastry.  Trump swallows it and asks for another one. The owner gives him one.  Then Donald asks for a third pastry and eats that too.  The owner is starting to wonder where the magic trick is and asks, "What did you do with the pastries?"  Trump replies, "Look in Hillary's pocket.”

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Lightning strike kills 323 wild reindeer in southern Norway

More than 320 wild reindeer have been found dead after a single lightning strike struck a mountain plateau
in southern Norway, local officials say, making it deadliest lightning strike ever recorded. (0:54)
Published on Aug 28, 2016 - BNO News

Planet X Nibiru Update Italian Earthquake 2016 (2:33:42)
Published on Aug 26, 2016 - Non Human Entities

Published on Aug 27, 2016 - Barney Winner 5

illuminati 2016 - 2017 The New World Order Fall of the Republic 2016 Freedom or Slavery (2:24:18) set to HD
Published on Aug 24, 2016 - wildlife

NIBIRU/PLANET X - Strange UFOs over Germany August 27th 2016 (5:11)
Published on Aug 28, 2016 - Nibiru Planet X 2016

Alien UFO Caught On Camera Making Crop Circles For The First Time In Stunning HD Quality (7:48) set to HD
Published on Aug 24, 2016 - Igor Kryan

END TIMES SIGNS: LATEST EVENTS (AUGUST 28, 2016) (19:14) sset to HD
Published on Aug 28, 2016 - Mr Doom

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