Sunday, August 21, 2016


Using Facts to Prove the Liberal Narrative on Race All Wrong

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Malia Obama at Raucous Martha’s Vineyard Party Shut Down by Police [video]

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Liberal Pundit Doesn’t Think Violence Against Whites Should be Called a “Hate Crime”

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Obama’s State Department Approves $60 Million Arms Sale to Afghan Government: What Could Go Wrong?
It’s Not Too Late For You or America
What’s the Difference Between a “Ransom” and Withholding Payment as “Leverage”?
Trump Visits Louisiana while Obama Golfs and Hillary Sleeps
Why Jews should Vote for Donald Trump
Hillary Clinton’s America: A Rigged System
Watch: Guess Where “Erdogan’s Long Arm” is Protesting [video]
Obama Quietly Building His Fascist Civilian Security Force?
Ole Miss Abolishes Use of the Song “Dixie” at its Games!
Welcome to Italy: African “Markets” Take Over Pristine Beaches [video]
INCREDIBLE: Meet the Best Child Surfer in the World: “The Flying Squirrel” [video]
Lies, Lies, and More Lies
Today, August 21, 1863: Quantrill’s Raiders Murder 160 in Kansas
News You Can Use for August 21, 2016
Venezuela’s President Shows Socialist Hypocrisy
BOMBSHELL! Leaks Show George Soros Paid Al Gore to Push Global Warming Propaganda!
Hillary’s Many Scandals vs. Manfort’s Russia Connection
WikiLeaks Proves Hillary & Obama Created ISIS in 2012
Dilbert Cartoonist Argues that Donald Trump is a Genius who will Win!
WATCH Donald Trump’s TV Ad as He Starts Campaigning
New Study Shows that Raising the Minimum Wage would put Almost 10 Million People Out of Work!
MUST WATCH: Muslim “Refugee” Attacks Bus Driver, Gets Destroyed!
Facebook Fascists Ban Journalist for Mentioning the Threat of Islam!
Target Boycott not Enough Shut Them Down Permanently
Texas says NO to Refugees without First Clearing Security Checks!

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