Sunday, August 21, 2016

Confirmation of our info: Kiev shelling E Ukraine civilians

Submitted by Donald Hank with foreword:

TheDuran is now providing further confirmation that the shelling from outside Donetsk is increasing. The OSCE report I linked to yesterday is somewhat ambiguous and does not specify who was shelling whom in the Donetsk region (although that is obvious) and I think that is a sign that OSCE needs to be supplemented with independent investigators. Irina Burya is in fact a reliable source, as evidenced by this TheDuran posting below, and we are proud to have her input. Kiev is refusing to comply with Minsk, no surprise for me at all. Yet, as the commentator in the video states, the feeble-minded Angela Merkel keeps insisting that Russia uphold its terms of the Minsk agreement -- apparently oblivious to the fact that Russia is not a signatory thereto and therefore has no obligation to uphold anything.

As we saw yesterday as well in my post on know.nothing journalists, major publications in Germany, like Spiegel, are inverting the true positions of Hillary and Trump, with Trump pleading for level headedness and friendly relations with Putin and Hillary saying she wants a no-fly zone in Syria that would be guaranteed to get US pilots killed by the dead-eye accurate S-400s and S-500s planted strategically all over that country. (
In the second TheDuran article, we see the naked propaganda attempt behind the Aleppo boy. I saw this on German TV as well, and you can rest assured Washington is now preparing for war with Syria, but read that: Syria-Russia-China-Iran.
That list includes two NUCLEAR powers and they are all determined not to be ruled by Washington's Neonazicons.
Never forget that Russia went to the wall to defend its people from the Nazis in the 40s. There is no indication that it will not do so again, only this time nukes are involved. (China has a missile that can nuke every city in the US within a few hours, while Russia has a flying platform that can deliver a nuke from the US west coast to Washington in just a half-hour. I doubt very seriously that warmonger HIllary (who wishes she had been born a macho male) knows or cares a wit about any of this.
Do the Neocons REALLY have a death wish? It would seem so from where I am standing.
Our only hope could be Donald Trump,  but the same propaganda machine that gives us the fiction in Syria and Ukraine is also absolutely hammering Trump into the dust, as we saw  in my post yesterday. In case you missed it:
BTW, thanks to those who sent their emails to the dimwitted Marc Pitzke. Evie, for ex, suggested he is in the pocket of George Soros. It turns out she is no doubt on the money: 
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