Friday, August 5, 2016


MUST WATCH: Legal Mexican-American Citizen Explains Importance of Allegiance to America, Support for Trump [video]

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Former AG Holder Placed Obama and DNC Donor in Charge of DOJ Investigation of IRS Targeting Scandal

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Father of Benghazi Hero: Hillary Clinton “Stood In Front of My Son’s Flag Draped Casket and Lied”

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Hillary Clinton says Something Shocking… and True
Did the Obama Admin. Really Pay Iran a $400 Million Ransom for the Hostages?
University of Texas is Testing “Intelligent Machines,” Could CARL Robots Outnumber Humans?
Joe the Plumber Makes a Big Time Endorsement with a Big Time Machine
Why Does Obama Want Republicans to Renounce Trump?
This Catholic Priest struck fear into Hitler’s Heart!
Saudi Teen Put in Cage for Kissing American student
One American Dead, Five Others Injured in London Knife Attack
Shock Report: RNC Considering Replacing Trump by September?
This TV Anchor was Fired for Calling out Black Thugs
Splinters in the Planks of the Democrat Party’s Platform
Conservative: Vote Your Conscience against Hillary!
The GOP Establishment Won a Major Victory Over Conservatives on Tuesday
Shocking News: Justice Department had Strong Case to Press Charges Against IRS!
The Crazy Campaign So Far: in Memes
John Kerry Isn’t the First
Obama’s Cash for Terrorists Scheme Uncovered!
Today, August 5, 1861: First Federal Income Tax
News You Can Use for August 5, 2016
Look What these Attorneys General Agreed to Do
New Report Showed This About ISIS
Latest Polls Inaccurate, Primary Model Shows Certainty of Trump Winning Election is 87 Percent
ISIS Kill List Names 15,000 American Christians Targeted for Death
Multimillionaire Hillary Calls for Tax Hike on Middle Class
Muslim Religious Leader Tells British Boys they CAN Take SEX SLAVES

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