Friday, August 5, 2016


BJ3: SUPER Important From  Carl...From: Carl swensson.....
So I affect a citizens arrest on three commissioners. Showed what their crimes are and immediately turned their custody over to the Peace Officers present. The result? The criminals remain fugitives as Law enforcement refuses to do their jobs and... you guessed it. Myself and former Police Chief/Judge are now under arrest.
he arrests of the real criminals occurred the same day Queen Hillary was given her pass by FBLie agent Comey... July 5, 2016. Welcome to the new and improved Third Reich where law is used against the people but not against the true criminals in our midst. Where the people are so afraid of their own shadows they will cower rather than stand up for what is right.
  Well, most people that is. Threats, attempted intimidation, you name it, every conceivable illegal and unlawful trick in their book is being used. However, at the court hearing , scheduled for the 10th of August, in the Bartow County (Georgia) Superior Court, surprises await these thugs.
  No, nothing other than peaceful , lawful acts will be on display. Either Freedom will finally take its foothold in this small Georgia County or the final nail in America's coffin will be driven home. Precedence is on the verge of being set.
  Come one, come all... you won't be disappointed. July 5th at the Clayton County (Georgia) Board of Commissioners...this is when and where it began: ...
You guys talk the talk. We'll walk the walk.

From: Jenny...LOU DOBBS: Koch Bros, Paul Ryan, Hillary Clinton on Same Side – It’s Globalists Against Americans (VIDEO)

Latest Polls Inaccurate, Primary Model Shows Certainty of Trump Winning Election is 87 Percent
BJ3: And just as we had said in a previous Briefer...
CAUGHT- Reuters Exposed, Has Been Caught Rigging Polls for Hillary
BJ3: Just as we said...only 7 points lower...From: Sher...
Thanks to Jim and Char for sending.  Before buying some of these 'Hillary up 10 points' polls, check the protocols used.  For example, Reuters and others have (within the last 2 weeks) unethically changed their polling protocols to heavily--if not completely--favor Hillary... 
(BJ3: as mentioned in a previous Briefer)...
From: charlite   From Jim O'Neill - TRUTH FEED! - Polls are heavily SKEWED. TRUMP IS AHEAD!...
Breaking : New Daily Tracking Poll Shows Trump Retakes Lead From Crooked Hillary
From: Kirk F. MacKenzie....Coalition founded by Murdoch, Bloomberg launches new push for immigration reform

BJ3: We presume you all mean in addition to the counting control that “they” already have???  From: audree lynn
...Does sound like a precursor to government run voting and we all well know how well government run anything has been working out... What worries me is they want this by November.  How long did it take them to set up the failed Obamacare infrastructure, this will be even worse and rigged
From:  John...
1st key word: Cyber attacks  2nd key word: Protect.  Use a scare word to change rights. This strongly suggests that now the Obummer government wants to control our electronic voting systems and BY November.  Talk about massive voting fraud, this is it folks.  We would never have an honest or semi-honest election ever again.  Think about it and get ready to rebel.
Gov. wants to 'protect' voting systems...U.S. Seeks to Protect Voting System From Cyberattacks

WATCH – Computer Programmer Admits He Rigged Election For THIS Candidate
Undercover Video Exposes How Easy it is to get a Ballot without an I.D
BJ3: Wow...they’re already projecting the need to reject him? Headline: “Electoral College Preparing To Reject Trump”.
From: Rob E...Electoral College Elector Vows Not To Vote For Trump

Hillary Says She Will ‘Raise Taxes On The Middle Class’, Crowd INSTANTLY does THIS!
From: Sher Zieve.....Putting all of the new ObamaCriminals back on the street...From: John Rolls
BREAKING: Obama Commutes Sentences of 56 Federal Prisoners with Firearms-Related Convictions - The Truth About Guns
From: Jenny...UN Backs Secret Obama Takeover of Police...International org calls for federalization of U.S. law enforcement to be 'beefed up,' cover all of America

BJ3: And now we are at the bottomline...against these very people...There is no “next page”...From: pat t..
Truth to power:
From: Sher Zieve.....
Funny!...From: Doug Walk...(Yes, she should just sit there and smile at hitlery
PATRIOTS: Should Trump HIRE Monica To Sit In The FRONT Row During The Debates? Doug Giles ClashDaily

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