Monday, July 25, 2016


Submitted by: David Bertrand

USA TODAY Exposes Hillary as a habitual liar

Friends and Associates:

USA TODAY categorizes in full detail the lies and deception by Hillary Clinton on most every policy/topic to date.

Have you ever had a spouse that was so far over-the-top that it became almost embarrassing to continue hearing the lies? What happened next?

He or she transformed themselves into being a victim (all-of-a-sudden) like a puppy dog that drops it's ears when the puppy knows it has been defeated. The victim game has begun with Hillary, because she believes that being a victim will garner sympathetic support from her supporters of whom are very confused righty now. She is losing her base as WE continue to hammer.......

Hillary, with glassy eyes stated that she "felt hurt" when GOP delegates began shouting for her arrest and went-on to say, "It's the only thing unifying the Republican Party."

Hillary will prevail.... because her handlers run the world and will cause anything to happen by November, but WE are ALL in this fight for our lives and WE MUST PREVAIL. Various "False Flags" by the Clinton operatives are being discussed among the Liberty Movement in-order to curtail their efforts accordingly. When WE expose their plans, they usually back-off. THEY'LL have to be very creative, because...whatever they pull on the American people in-order to take votes away from Trump, could in effect work on his behalf.

Their last option is to rig the Diebold Voting Machines and we must watch this closely in November.....and we know a massive landslide vote for Trump can have an enormous effect. EVERYONE must vote November exceptions, no excuses. Including YOU NSA and FBI.

We are at war with the New World Order and if we lose....our world, our country, will never be the same again.

"In advance of the Democratic National Convention, which begins July 25 in Philadelphia, we present a wrap-up of some of the more egregious falsehoods from Hillary Clinton, who is set to accept her party’s nomination for president later this week."

Hillary's America (Full Length) Banned Video

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