Monday, July 25, 2016


Submitted by: Donald Hank
I am forwarding this message without translating. No time to do so. However, if anyone receiving this is close to the campaign and someone close to Donald Trump wants to know what they are saying in France and how enthusiastically they support his campaign, I will be glad to help with the translation. You can start with Google for a 80-90% accurate rendition and work from there (send me anything you don't understand).
I think this is remarkable because it may be the first time an anti-Establishment US candidate has been supported by a European organization of this caliber. The publication looks almost mainstream but this article is extremely non-PC in France, where PC is enforced more strictly than in the US. This fact alone is helpful for Trump to know.
Our thanks to Mr. Clement!

Translation of the email below:
Dear Friends,
Here is my last article on the US election with an analysis of Donald Trump's platform in light of his statement at the GOP convention. 
Georges Clément

Chers amis,

Voici mon dernier article sur l’élection américaine avec l’analyse du programme de gouvernement de Donal Trump à la lumière de sa déclaration devant la convention 

Bonne lecture,

Bien amicalement

Georges Clément

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