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ALERT: From: BobJen3 ...
thx, Sher....though it sure could be; will retract asap. Was wondering why you didn’t run it...
From: Sher Zieve.....
Bob,  Re...the Bill Bennett story.  It's been circulating for over a year and it's not true.  Bennett did NOT write it.  I alerted Char yesterday.

From: Jenny...
Sher’s Comment: BTW, if you haven't seen this YOU MUST.  The Clintons are leaders in the cabal that is--quite literally--destroying the world and its people physically and in every other possible way!

From: sherzieve.....
Tragically for us all, Comey had enough evidence to indict Vipress Hillary.  But, he is a "company man" and has worked for and profited from the Clintons for years.  That's the reason I was surprised and disheartened to hear his comments ("Comey is a straight shooter and and honorable man") that either Joe Digenova was completely misled by Comey (which I strongly doubt as Digenova had to know about Comey's long-time association with the Crooked Clintons) or that he is also a member of the Clinton Cabal.  I still doubt--no matter what more horrors she's effected and what crimes she's committed--that the Luciferians now openly running the world will not indict her for anything.  Dark Times.  Thanks to Char.
BREAKING: WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange says...[THX, Joan on L. Island]<<<<<<
Silence is Consent | BREAKING: WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange says his next leak will virtually guarantee an indictment of H...

BJ3: And Spanish is one of Jenny’s 5 languages...From: Jenny...Tim Kaine Addresses Crowd in Spanish, Promises Amnesty Plan ‘In the First 100 Days’ in Office

From: Jenny...CHAOS! Bernie Supporters Bang on Door of DNC Rules Committee Chanting “Let Us In!” (VIDEO)

From: Jenny...Suggestion:  Philly is going to be nice and toasty this week (I worked there, so I know how wonderful it can be)!  So let’s help mother earth by shutting down all air conditioners at the DNC!
From: Kathy Hawkins..... CIRCUS PREVIEW...

BJ3: Yeah, sure.  For MANY months our samples had him consistently +10, while virtually all others had him at –15.  Now some of the “BigBoys” are starting to come around.  Well, our samples now have him at +12.
From: DON HANK...Rasmussen Nail biter: Trump now ahead 2 points

From: audree lynn...
Hope WI D-1 realizes the falseness of Ryan.  Now he says he's for a border in a flyer just prior to his primary. Sad...IS Paul Nehlen poised to Knock Off Paul Ryan in Wisconsin     From:   John"     Currently some 80% plus of all of Ryan’s contributions to his re-election campaign come from OUTSIDE of his own 1st District of Wisconsin. Stunningly, around 65% of Ryan’s contributions come from WITHIN the beltway of Washington, D.C."  Enough said folks. Where does Ryan get his contributions?
BJ3: Allan. they seem able to read the writing on the (coming) wall...From: Allan Wall
Is Mexico adjusting to Trump?
From: chuckolb...While the RNC played out, the donkeys took over the Fox house  by Judi McLeod
While most attention was on the captivating histrionics of the 2016 Republican National Convention,  the progressives were taking over Fox News. ‘Ailes is out as Fox News head, Murdoch named acting chief’ (AP, July 21, 2016)
Trump Backs Ex-Fox Chief Ailes- 'People Think He'll Run My Campaign'

From: U R.....NEWS ...TRUMP VS CRUZ...
Reported on FOX is a news item stating TRUMP is considering a SUPER PAC to go after CRUZ so that Cruz cannot be elected to any public office ever again, so let's HOPE that TRUMP will begin making HUGE noises on the SUPREME COURT filing on the CRUZ ineligibility issue. (no link)
From: blueislandbobsue.....Ted Cruz proved Trump RIGHT again!!!!!   Lyin Ted proved that he is just that and he will go where the Money is floating in his Pocket.  No, this action by Cruz does not surprise me!!!  I do hope those who were sympathetic towards this yet another traitor, Cruz have realized he does work for the Devil.  Please pass on this e-mail to as many as possible...From: "Nancy Battle   From: Pat...OMG..............How  did he get as far as he did.......especially with the Trump team...........This is soooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo sickening.  He is a BETRAYER OF THE WORST KIND.  I hope he gets his just due in the end...........THIS EVIL..........EVIL BETRAYER!!!!
Ted Cruz met with Obama prior to RNC, Endorses Hillary, Rick Perry set to Destroy Cruz
BJ3: Whew, I was getting conerned there for a bit.  Thought he might do the right thing.
From: Dave Bertrand...Hillary will cause war in America like no other if she steals the election
Friends and Associates:     There is something very wrong with Hillary Clinton's mental state. She continues to break the law at every turn, and the Wiki-Leaks hack job on Hillary's emails (again) above and beyond her other emails....shows a very nasty attempt to de-rail Trump and Sanders, including her instructions for paid protestors/provocateurs.     This is worse than Nixon's Watergate break-in of the Democratic Party that caused Nixon to resign in-shame.     Hillary Clinton...if allowed to remain in the race, will steal the election through fraud and deception. Trump's confidante, Roger Stone on the Alex Jones Show, was meeting today with GOP officials about a plan to stop Hillary from stealing the election.     If it does happen.....this country will go into complete war at every level.     The witch must be stopped with a good dose of prison.
Proof! Wiki-Leaks Proves Hillary Faked Anti-Trump Protests and Secretly Fundraised with the Media!

BJ3: Yep, Joan, though that doesn’t mean the she has gone away...might be promotion...From: Joan Swirsky ...Beautiful
From: sherzieve...
Evil is as evil does and Obama never does anything else...From: "John's Yahoo" From: "James Paris Sr."
Obama Gives Mexico Prez Megaphone Against Trump - Tea Party News

From: Jenny
Cannibalism and Extraction of Migrants’ Organs Revealed on Trafficker’s Cellphone

From: Jenny...British Government Fails To Track, Deport Ninety Percent of Released Foreign Criminals
When Animals Think They're People, Everyone Grins!

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