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Black Power – Obama Covers For BLM, Black Panthers, Dallas Shooter

Rick Wells | July 10, 2016 URL:

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Obama Brushes Aside Racist Links

BLM, Black Panthers, The Dallas Shooter – All Hate Whitey

Obama’s web is getting a little tangled up, sometimes distorted anti-logic just doesn’t work and there too many lies in the mix for him to sort out why. In Poland, speaking at the conclusion of the NATO summit, Obama said the motives of the Dallas cop-murderer were “very hard to untangle,” calling him “demented.” It’s actually not that difficult to untangle, with one thing Obama didn’t call him shining a spotlight on his motivations. He didn’t call him “New Black Panther Party member,” although it has been confirmed by the Houston chapter of that anti-white racist hate organization that he was one of theirs. Surely if we know it he knows it.
Obama and former Attorney General Eric Holder have previously embraced that hate group and chosen not to prosecute them for voter intimidation and turning Republican election monitors away in Philadelphia in 2008 and 2012. They share a common hatred of white people so it’s to be expected Obama would conveniently overlook that fact as well as statements indicating his hatred of white people, white cops and wanting them dead when trying to ascertain his motivations. He might need help at the polls this year and he wouldn’t want to alienate his “A” Team.
Obama attempted to defend his racist agitator allies in Black Lives Matter from guilt by association with yet another murder of police by stating, “I think the danger is that we somehow suggest that the act of a troubled individual speaks to some larger political statementacross the country. It doesn’t.”
The hypocrite then went on to contradict himself in a reference the attack on the Charleston AME Church. Obama said, “When some white kid walks into a church and shoots a bunch of worshipers who invite him to worship with them, we don’t assume that somehow he’s making a political statement.”
Why then is it that Obama, his regime officials, the racist Congressional Black Caucus, all Democrats and some Republicans who were afraid of not being politically correct, declared war on the Confederate Battle Flag in the wake of that massacre? If there was no “political statement” as Obama called an expression of a violent act based upon hatred and a belief in racial superiority, why the incessant attacks on the historic symbol? It was something to do with advancing his own anti-white agenda, we can assume.
Then, to cap off the display of the bizarre activity taking place between the opposing radar dishes on either side of his head, Obama said, “What I hope is that my voice has tried to get all of us as Americans to understand the difficult legacy of race.”  What we understand is that Obama has revived what was almost a non-issue into a festering open wound for no legitimate reason other than his own hatred of white people and this nation.
To put lipstick on the pig that is wallowing in the Oval Office, Obama said on Saturday that we should “encourage people to listen to each other. To recognize that, you know, the legacy of slavery and Jim Crow and discrimination didn’t suddenly vanish with the passage of the civil rights act or voting rights act or the election of Barack Obama.” They were pretty much being relegated to the past and being put behind us until the illegitimate election of the communist who calls himself Barack Obama. No American alive has ever owned a slave and most couldn’t tell you what a Jim Crow law is. There were no riots and demonstrations until this racist decided to make it a campaign issue a couple of years ago.
Obama added, “We plant seeds and somebody else maybe sits under the shade of the tree that we planted.” In his case, somebody else steps on the thorns of the weeds that sprouted up, and we’re all going to have to pull them out by the roots.

NEW BLACK PANTHERS at Baton Rouge Rally WITH GUNS: Black Men “Need to Start Killing”

by Clyde
Clyde | July 10, 2016URL:
The New Black Panthers arrived in Baton Rouge.
The radical racist hate group is holding a protest at the site of Alton Sterling’s death.
One of the members is wearing a mask.
One protester in Baton Rouge at the New Black Panther rally says the black men “need to start killing.”

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