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From: sherzieve.....NWO all out takeover of USA begins end of intermediate stage

From: "doug walk" (Having a hard time finding a job and can't figure out why) ?????????TRUMP 2016
Two estimates put Minnesota's population of undocumented immigrants over 90,000 -

From: Sher Zieve   From: Dave Hollenbeck From: Small, Jeff
House Passes Guar Amendment Blocking Funds for Sanctuary Cities

From: sherzieve...
Must see...From: "Dr. John Grady"...More on the Clinton cover-up! Disgusting!!! 
FBI Director James Comey must be removed. Congress could do it, but will they.  You must see this brief YouTube video.
Trump wins big in Clinton escape  Liberals were celebrating when Hillary Clinton escaped indictment this week. But the big winner in this fiasco may be Donald Trump. See how he plans to ride this travesty of justice straight to the White House.
From: Chris Kitze.....FBI Insider Leaks All: Clinton Foundation Exposed! Involves Entire US Government!

BJ3:  Noooooooooooooo! Much better elsewhere in the administration.
From: Rob E...Loretta Lynch Gives Shout-Out to Black Lives Matter: 'Do Not Be Discouraged' – Breitbart 

From: DON HANK...“Riding Dirty” The Curious Case of Philando Castile – Falcon Heights, MN Police Shooting…Posted on July 8, 2016 by sundance   MAJOR UPDATE BELOW:  In order to give the update context we are placing the update at the conclusion of the original outlineBy now everyone is aware of the officer involved shooting of Philando Castile that became a viral BLM activist case as a direct result of his girlfriend, Diamond Reynolds (aka Lavish Reynolds) live-streaming the aftermath from their vehicle. –
BJ3: And, if so, we blame all the repukicans who refused Patriots’ constant urging for EIGHT YEARS to demand his valid, rightly-certified, at birth, original, birth certificate, the one that’s sealed and vaulted....AND THEY STILL CAN....but still won’t.
From: sherzieve...This IS Obama's doing...Snipers shoot 11 police officers after Dallas protest, killing five 

From: Rob E...Dallas 7-Eleven Store Looted By Black Lives Matter Protesters Who Taunted Cops After Massacre of Police Officers

From: sherzieve...
You decide.  But, with Obama and his Luciferians in the driver's seat anything is possible and/or probable......
From: "John Rolls"
Quayle Alert: Police Depts Infiltrated by UN Blue Hats! They Are Within our Police Depts

From: Sher Zieve.....
Yep!.....From: John Rolls
From: charlite...Yes. She has now set the standard for TREASON, ASSAULT and non-stop BLACKMAIL of the United States of America.............and the Jim Comey/Loretta Lynch team has codified and sanctified it. Welcome to the advance of the Cyber Wild West.......and the new Mongol Hordes from the hostile eastern steppes.............reinvigorated raids from the uncivilized north and primitive gangs from the south. Father Marcel Guarnizo has clarified how Hillary Rodham Clinton has set her own  'Gold Standard' for a New Age of Global Gangsterism.
Hillary Clinton Paves the Way for Easy Treason Against America [ASTUTE ANALYSIS]

From: Peri McMillan   From: Michael Master...Click on each of these.   It is obvious that the fix was in place several months ago.  "Intent" is not part of the law .. but Comey assumed it to be there and did not ask for an indictment of Hillary because of a lack of "intent" to break the law.   He negated the will of Congress by adding "intent" to his interpretation of the law.  He legislated from his position.  Obama made the same argument about "intent"  several months ago.  Comey did not even attend the questioning of Clinton.  She was not put under oath.  And no recording of her testimony was made.... not even a transcript.  So her testimony cannot be investigated.   This is government corruption.  Congressional Hearing -FBI Director Comey -

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