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Barack Obama: It's Very Hard To Untangle' Dallas Shooter's Motives

Dallas Police Chief: Shooter Wanted To Kill White People, Especially White Police Officers

The deaths of those five Dallas police officers are on the head of Obama.  He’s been fueling racial tensions that culminated in this tragedy his entire time in office.

And by the way, there are now reports that the police officer in Castile’s incident called in to dispatch and reported that Castile resembled an armed robbery suspect that cops were on the lookout for. 

And it was for THAT reason that the traffic stop was made, not - as widely reported and irresponsibly repeated by Minnesota Gov. Mark Dayton - a busted taillight.

In addition, the police officer involved has said it was the presence of the gun that escalated the situation, not the color of Castile’s skin.  And there is absolutely no reason whatsoever to doubt the cop’s word for that.

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P.S.  Hillary Clinton tweeted: “Alton and Philando's deaths are the latest in a long, painful litany of African Americans killed in police incidents - 123 so far this year.”

This disgusting woman should be flogged for this outrageous statement.

You should see the list of violent dirtbags who are included on that so-called list of 123.

In fact, I’ll be sharing some prime examples in the coming days.

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