Wednesday, July 20, 2016


Submitted by: Richard Ruhling
Dear Christian Patriot / Fellow Believer, 
USA Today has a 1-minute video on YouTube showing Ben Carson exposing Hillary, her mentor Saul Alinsky, and his book, “Rules for Radicals” which was the subject of Hillary's senior thesis. The book is dedicated to Lucifer, the original radical who went against the establishment to gain his own kingdom. Here's Carson saying it here in 1 minute, watch?v=6I-LQTkytR8
Hillary said to Obama, “If I go down, you go down.” Since those who do the charging are part of the administration, we can expect to see a dance around the facts while ignoring them.
More recent information shows Obama, Lynch and Comey all involved in corruption of the Clinton Foundation, huge scandal...
The America that I grew up loving is gone...As a physician, I went through the US Senate offices with medical literature showing prescription drugs as a leading cause of illness and death until one senator said, You're wasting your time--they own us, speaking of donations to reelection campaigns by big pharma.
But if congress will sell out on one thing, they will sell out on anything. That's why the US Constitution was wise. It made us sovereign citizens, with some powers delegated to the state, and of those, a portion were given to the nation, but now we have the government trying to control everyone else.
And half the country (democracy) favor it because of welfare, food stamps, rent subsidies, free medical care, educaton. Half the nation is paying for the other half to have babies, etc.
1n 1991, the Muslim Brotherhood listed 29 Muslim groups in America with the purpose of destroying us from within.
Phil Haney, a retired DHS official began collecting data on hundreds of Muslims with ties to terrorist organizations in 2003, only to be told to delete those records under changes when Obama became president. The links to this and above are in the opening pages of my ebook, “America Is Gone...” and you can see them and read the opening pages if you wish at
It shows the relevance of Bible prophecy to current events with God's solution in the wedding parables (not a rapture as SDA pioneers thought) and if you don't do Kindle, reply with “Please” – I'd like to gift you the pdf / doc file for you to scan and I welcome your opinion.
Thank You Sincerely,
Richard Ruhling

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