Wednesday, July 20, 2016


No real surprise...our new Trump poll is +12. At some point, the lefties will need to do something different.

BJ3: Of course....From: Kirk MacKenzie
[CitizensNewswire] #1052 Wisconsin residents without ID can vote inNovember, judge rules
Wisconsin residents who can't obtain photo identification will still be able to vote in November's general election, a federal judge ruled Tuesday, carving out an exception to state law that requires all voters to show photo IDs at the polls.

From: Jenny...Jeff Sessions at RNC: 2016 Election About Immigration, Elites Respond ‘With Disdain’

Is the Party Over for Bushism-
From: Kirk MacKenzie
...You gotta love this. "Food stamps" have already been converted into debit cards (which we pay for). Now comes online delivery services. What percentage of these are immigrants, do you think?
[CitizensNewswire] #1050 USDA tests online delivery services forfood-stamp groceries
The U.S. Department of Agriculture is moving to test the possibility of allowing food stamp users to get their groceries online, though the program could raise fraud concerns.

BJ3: Not really a mess, Kat...Just sore losers...From: Kathy Hawkins
Anti-Trump Effort Fails in Chaotic Opening of GOP Convention....WHAT A MESS! Kat
From: sherzieve  
From: "John Rolls" ...
From: Sons of Liberty Media...Sheriff David Clarke on Obama’s Aggressive Police Claim-  “The President is Lying”
From: audree lynn...
Only read a few but will go back to read more ~ quite interesting...From: LynnR   from the Captain...WikiLeaks is starting to leak Hillary emails. This is just the beginning. I have not read many yet, but all the ones I have looked at so far are classified......Hillary emails...[]=cg&q=&qfdestination=Secretary+of+State&qfoclass=CONFIDENTIAL&qtfrom=2009-01-10&qsort=tdesc#result
BJ3: If you have nor done so, do see the film “13 Hours”...From: sherzieve.....A courageous and determined woman!...
From: "doug walk"
Time for ALL "REAL" Americans to "arm-up" and protect our cops who protect us !! (If you listen to this and pass it on, people will learn ALL they need to know about the character of "comrade" Hillary Clinton) .....
"POWERFUL! ♥ FULL SPEECH: Patricia Smith, mother of Benghazi victim - Republican National Convention"

BJ3: Just part of what was predicted by many Trump supporters....From: Kirk MacKenzie....As the Republican party is being steered back toward constitutional government, the Democratic Party is being driven further toward Communism, largely by people of color. What both fail to recognize the common enemy we have in the Neocons*, who have put the world aflame in their ambition to assert their chosenness.
[CitizensNewswire] #1049 Democrats struggle for unity as protesters swarm Netroots convention
From: Jenny...BREAKING: Clinton Foundation Employee Arrested in Cairo… Chilling Past Exposed

From: sherzieve....
He's not planning to leave...From: "John Rolls"
Spikes are being installed on the White House fence...What is Obama preparing for?
From: sherzieve...
Remarkable! ...From: "doug walk"
BLUE-LIVES-MATTER-MORE (All [REAL] Americans need to join together to support the cops who support us)[And blow off these Obama/Clinton supported BLM losers who hate our cops]
Time for ALL "REAL" Americans to "arm-up" and protect our cops who protect us !!
PHOTO: Cops Told They Can't Sit at Booth... Stunned by What They See Waiting There

From: sherzieve  
From: "doug walk" BLUE-LIVES-MATTER-MORE  Time for ALL "REAL" Americans to "arm-up" and protect our cops who protect us !! "deceitful politicians allow gangs to terrorize America’s inner cities when they could clean up the streets by simply enforcing the law:" (ANSWER: All Americans need to join together and get rid of bad politicians)Colion Noir: Politicians, Media Guilty Of Most Despicable Form Of Racism

From: sherzieve...
A real tragedy....
From: "doug walk"...BLUE-LIVES-MATTER-MORE
Time for ALL "REAL" Americans to "arm-up" and protect our cops who protect us !!
(Exactly how dumb & stupid are CA people anyway)
""Gay Reparations" in California - Free $1000 Every Month Given to All LGBT People"

From: Sher   From: TechnocracyNews...FP Magazine: It’s Time For The Elites To Rise Up Against The Ignorant Masses By James Traub on Jul 18, 2016 11:58 am     This article from the prestigious Foreign Policy magazine is quite blunt: Leadership's role is to 'educate' the ignorant masses (um, that's us) on why they should support globalization and the global elite. The headline, however, is even more provocative, and sounds more like war.
From: Jenny.....
Migrants Revolt in Southern Italy, Hijack Welcome Center

BJ3: Do check this out, folks.  See Amanpour and the other media phonies...From: audree lynn...I found the article quite enlightening.  Hope you do also....From: John...
Coded messaging needs to be known folks. Know what to see vs what is presented by the media. 
What is the "Rabba Salute" - four fingers.
From: Kirk MacKenzie...CitizensNewswire] #1048 Judge Rules Administrative Court System Illegal After 81 Years | Armstrong Economics

From: Bob Rankin...HOW TO] Install Windows 10 and Keep the Windows You Have Now...The July 29th deadline for claiming your free upgrade to Windows 10 is approaching soon. But many people want to try Windows 10 while retaining the option to go back to their familiar older version (Windows 7 or 8.1). You may have heard about the 30-day “downgrade window" for Windows 10, but today you'll learn how to keep both the old and new versions indefinitely. Read on…

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