Wednesday, July 20, 2016


#Bikers4Trump: What the Media May Not Be Reporting about Cleveland

Rudy Guiliani Calls for America to be One Again & that Starts by Holding Congress Accountable
Planes Flying “Hillary for Prison” Banners in Skies Over Cleveland (Video)
Governments To Christians: Don’t You Dare Speak Out Against The Sexual Sin In Society
Look What California is going to Teach its Second Graders
Erdogan’s Staged Coup Has Resulted In A Purge Of 50,000 Teachers, Judges, Soldiers And Government Officials
Navy Seal Marcus Luttrell: “Your War Is Here… You Don’t Have To Go Searching For It… Your People Are Afraid”
RNC: Protestors Face Off - Throw Bags of Urine at Police
They Know What Comes Next: Russian Citizens Are “Stocking Up On Essentials In Case Of War”
Erdogan Holding U.S. Tactical Nukes At Inkirlink Taking Control Of The Second Most Powerful Army In NATO And Is Hailed As Mahdi
Did Melania Trump Plagiarize Michelle Obama’s 2008 Speech?
Sheriff David Clarke on Obama’s Aggressive Police Claim: “The President is Lying”
Is a Recipe for Riots, Civil War and Martial Law Brewing in Cleveland during RNC?
“Killing Cops” Is the New Normal and Obama Has Blood on His Hands!
Hospital Refuses to Release Medical Records to Parents of Five-Year-Old Idaho Victim Raped By Muslim Migrants
Timing of Turkish Coup Should Be Questioned, Yet Hussein Soetoro Calls for Rule of Law
The Worst (Fake?) Coup Ever Has Enthroned Erdogan As A Dictator And Has Sealed Turkey’s Fate
#NeverTrump Delegates Disrupt Convention in “Last Ditch Effort” to Block Nomination

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