Wednesday, June 8, 2016


Submitted by: Dr Richard Ruhling


Transgender Problems from a Physician's View-- Sex Surgery Brings Regret, Not a Good Idea if a person has a retinoblastoma and has his eye removed to get rid of the cancer, the optic nerve is cut, and a prosthetic may look like an eye, but it will have no sight.

In this age of absent fathers, boys might grow up with psychological problems from mother or have afailed relationship with a girl friend and he can become confused about who he is. He may find a surgeon who can do the operation and says it's “no problem.” Doing so will solve the 

doctor's problem of how to pay for a new Mercedes, but that does not solve an anatomical problem that sexual organs are a specialized form of tissue like an eyeball. Removing the penis is likely to be
associated with regret, a word that Google offers after typing “sex change.”

Most people find that sex is a complex act that can be challenging for both to have mutual satisfaction, even with normal anatomy. A man can have his penis removed, but when finished, there's no sexual feeling for the tissues that are salvaged to make a vagina and sex might be as stimulating as a pat on the back from a friend.

Maybe that kind of encouragement will be needed because in failing to become a desired “she,” these
people need sympathy and understanding, that may not be there; ask Caitlyn.

Admitting we were wrong is something that doesn't come easy. The fact that some who've had the
surgery regret it should be a warning to anyone considering it. Contentment with how we were made is better than regret later.

Is sex reassignment surgery is a sin? The Bible doesn't say so. On the other hand, it does say, “The
woman shall not wear that which pertains to a man, neither shall a man put on a woman's garment: for
all that do so are abomination to the LORD your God.” Deuteronomy 22.

Just as an abuser in anythlng tends to involve others in that abuse, the problem of sexual identity finds a ready response in the White House that was quick to display the colors of the rainbow when the Supreme Court favored what the Bible condemns.

There's a reason why the Bible is the #1 all-time best-seller and why men of greatest intellect like Sir
Isaac Newton who invented calculus spent even more time studying and translated parts of the Bible.

Our preference for TV and Hollywood may be why the White House is grappling with its difficult
problem-- which bathroom should people use? How ignorant of true principles can we be?

When the Great Teacher came to his last parable in Matthew 25, it focused on what we do with what
we've been given. The good news is that God can forgive any sin, if we admit our mistakes and ask His help to do life His way rather than our own thing.

In the end, it's not the mistakes we made that are important, but our willingness to get up and help
others to avoid similar mistakes, whatever they may be.
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