Wednesday, June 8, 2016


LaVoy Finicum’s Widow: The Time to Stand is Now

Married “Christian” Rocker Trey Pearson Embraces Sodomy, Something God Condemns
Dilbert Creator: Hitler Comparisons will get Donald Trump Assassinated
Media Prepares For War: “A Violent Response To Trump Is As Logical As Any”
Obama Invites Disaster With ‘LGBT’ Pride Month
Clinton Queries, “If (The Second Amendment) Is a Constitutional Right"
Remove Obama From Office For Mental Illness Under the 25th Amendment (Video)
Lindsey Graham Calls for “UnEndorsements” of Trump – Guess which GOP Senator Goes First?
Deceiving the American Public 101: How The Government Uses False Flag Events to Start Wars
Muslim Defrauds Elderly Britons Of Over 1 MILLION Pounds And Gives It All To the Islamic State
School Calls Police on First Grader for Sharing Bible Verses
Euro 2016: 82 SECURITY STAFF Revealed to Be on TERROR WATCH LIST
How God’s Gift Of Technology Is Forcing Us To Think And Grow Biblically
For the First Time, the US Census may be offered in Arabic
Democrats - Liberals & Progressives Aren't Very Nice People
Hussein Soetoro Strikes Again At Further Freedoms Through AFFH Which the House and Senate Passed
Dodd-Frank Will Rescue Us From Pay Day Lenders
Louis Cammarosano: Silver & Gold – Go East Young Man!

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