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Submitted by: David Bertrand

To Give-up Now Is To Give-up On America

Friends and Associates:

Like they say, "you are not getting through to people until you are over the target and getting flak."

Matt Drudge has been the king of alternative news on the internet, claiming fame when he exposed Bill Clinton's escapades in the White House with Monica Lewinsky. He was recently threatened by a Supreme Court Justice that "it's game over" for him, and like Breitbart, he fears for his life by those that he has exposed.

From the transgression of the United States and the build-up of the Police State, Drudge brings the worst out of the planners and shakers that are working overtime to go after anyone and everyone that exposes them.

You, me and this entire network of very influential friends and associates are the capstone of alternative news, reaching hundreds within hours and conservatively, thousands at the end of the day by forwarding to other levels. Many of you post (our) information on websites seen by thousands, and we thank you.

It comes with a price sometimes and we know "freedom isn't free." If WE don't exercise our God given Rights, we shall lose them.

The article below my commentary is the latest news about an attempt by the FBI to further violate our 4th amendment rights by gaining browser data of anyone they have on their radar....and without warrant.

When a government is in fear of the people, the next step is to collect as much data on each person for future reference. The final step is to restrict the internet and destroy Free Speech, and Hillary knows the 2nd amendment stands in their way and she has vowed to "regulate the 2nd amendment."

We're hanging by a shoe string and I often wonder....what would 1937 Nazi Germany look like if they had the internet.

We are in the last phase of this psychological war and we must win at all levels. To give-up now is to give-up on America.  

"Within the realm of the alternative media, the last several years have yielded incredible insights into the inner workings of the U.S. government, political system and economic machinations. Everything from manipulations of our monetary system to the sometimes unbelievable expansion of the American police state has been extensively studied and reported by thousands of independent journalists, broadcasters and bloggers operating outside of the mainstream establishment’s sphere of influence."
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FBI Seeks Warrantless Access To Americans’ Browser History

Source: Mint Press News

Protracted debate about the federal government’s ability to collect Americans’ telephone metadata without a warrant, a matter which never was resolved, looks to be taking a back-seat, as the FBI is now pushing for a dramatic expansion of that power to include Internet metadata.

While telephone metadata was just who called whom and for how long, the Internet version amounts to unrestricted access to the browser history of every American, including what websites they visit, and what pages in particular they read.
Privacy groups are blasting the move, noting that the data would“paint an incredibly intimate picture of an individual’s life,” including things like political affiliation, medical conditions, religion, and sexual orientation.

FBI Director James Comey, however, insists that the law which lists all the metadata they can collect without a warrant, and which doesn’t mention browser histories,  amounts to a “typo” in the law, and is demanding that Congress “fix” the matter so the FBI can force companies to hand over all that personal data. The FBI maintains the list in the law was meant to be “illustrative” of the type of things they can demand, and not all-inclusive.

Facebook, Yahoo, and Google are among a number of technology companies lining up to resist the change in the law, both because of the lack of judicial oversight such a broad new data collection plan would involve, and also because in practice the change in law would force them to do all the heavy lifting of collecting this data for the FBI to sift through.

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