Thursday, June 23, 2016


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Breaking: The Supreme Court Just Ruled on Obama's Amnesty Exec. Order

Fellow Conservative,
The Supreme Court ruled on Obama’s amnesty program with a 4-4 tie. There is no precedent in this and the Court didn't even release how each Justice voted.
That leaves the 5th Circuit’s ruling in place, meaning that Barack Obama’s amnesty program remains blocked… for now.

In essence, nothing has changed. The block that District Judge Andrew Hanen put into place early last year remains in effect today.
Last March, both Mitch McConnell and John Boehner promised that Congress would act on Obama’s amnesty as soon as the Supreme Court had weighed in. Paul Ryan chimed in at the time and agreed.
That moment is now!
Congress promised to defund Obama’s amnesty once the courts weighed in. It is up to YOU to force them to honor their oaths! FaxBlast and demand they defund Obama’s DAPA amnesty program right now!
It doesn’t get more straight forward than this. Republicans promised to defund Obama’s amnesty directive once the Supreme Court had weighed in. Now that the case has left the High Court with a 4-4 tie, it is more important than ever that Congress steps in right now.
The ruling had absolutely nothing to do with the merits of the case. The only thing that this does is reject the Obama administration’s request to lift Judge Hanen’s injunction.
Why shouldn’t we view this as a victory?
Well, the Obama administration has already been caught ignoring this injunction and sending amnesty paperwork to illegal aliens anyway.
The Obama administration granted amnesty to over 100,000 illegal aliens in complete defiance of the court order.
As far as the White House is concerned, Judge Hanen’s injunction isn’t worth the paper it is written on. They couldn’t care less what some District Judge in Texas says… They are going to implement Obama’s amnesty executive order whether the courts like it or not.
When the administration was caught defying the injunction, they doubled down on the lie and told the Judge that they had no idea what he was talking about. So, the Judge issued an order forcing DOJ lawyers to undergo ethics training before they reappear in his courtroom.
The Obama administration isn’t obeying the injunction as it is, so why should we celebrate that the Supreme Court left it in place?
The only thing that will stop this lawless President from handing out amnesty, and a pathway to citizenship, to millions of illegal aliens is CONGRESS!
And the only way to force them to honor their promises is for you to hold their feet to the fire!
Congress is hoping you forget their promise to stop Obama’s amnesty… Send your FaxBlast now and DEMAND they honor their oath and defund the DAPA amnesty once and for all!
Don’t get me wrong, today’s 4-4 decision is better than it could have been. It could have easily had gone the other way and opened up the flood gates for more of this unconstitutional and illegal amnesty.
The fact that the injunction was left in place gives us time, but not that much time.
It all depends on how likely you think the Obama administration is to obey this ruling...
The last time the Obama administration got bad news on this front, they launched their amnesty program anyway and legalized over 100,000 illegal aliens.
You would have to suspend all logic to believe the White House is going to take this sitting down…
But one thing is clear: Congress promised to intervene after the Supreme Court weighed in and now it’s time to force them to act!
If Mitch McConnell and Paul Ryan won’t honor their promises, then they must be removed from positions of power. Period.
Republicans promised to stop Obama’s amnesty and now they’re getting cold feet. Tell Congress that if they won’t honor their oaths, then they will be removed from power!
Joe Otto
Conservative Daily

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