Thursday, June 23, 2016


From: sherzieve   
From: "Joan Swirsky"
Paul Ryan’s Treason by Daniel Greenfield (telling it like it is about this snake)

From: Jenny...EXCLUSIVE– Jeff Sessions: Hillary Clinton Is the ‘No You Can’t’ Candidate
From: Jenny...YOUTUBE To Shut Down Videos That Contain Negative Comments About Someone.
From: Sher...The city ought to encourage people to come to Bayonne from around the State and plan a YUGE protest march against Islam.  Our "leaders" are feckless cowards.  We-the-People need to immediately take over city by city and State by State to stop this madness brought on by our hands-out-to-Islamic-donors politicians!...From: charlite 
From: Freedom Daily...After the shootings in Orlando, Florida residents of New Jersey placed signs up that said, "no mas no mosque" and "if the mosque comes the mayor go's" to protest against a Muslim mosque under construction. The Muslim community was outraged ans demanded they be taken down. They reportedly knocked on doors and made Islamic threats as a result too. The leftist media is calling the signs islamaphobic.
Muslims Demand ‘Offensive’ Signs Be Removed, Locals Respond Perfectly!
From: blueislandbobsue...
Another article of info that could be titled, "Believe it or Not!"  God Bless our America.  Investigate and act upon...
From: "John GUARNERI" Orlando Hospital Staffers being FORCED to sign Non-Disclosure Agreements over Gay Nightclub Shooting

Mass Shooting Myth — U.S. Homicide Rate Hits 51-year Low as Gun Ownership Increased 141%
From: Joan Swirsky...The GOP's Muslim Brotherhood-Inspired Post-Orlando Agenda by Daniel Horowitz  

Horror and Hush-Up in Twin Falls, Idaho by Michelle Malkin
From: sherzieve...
WOW, AGAIN!!!  Thanks to Carmel....From: "cam39470"

From: Sher Zieve...Overthrow the Establishment to Fix the Economy - Larry Kudlow
From: Jenny...Loretta Lynch Admits That Federal Authorities Have Lost The Orlando Shooter’s Wife

A compilation of numerous comments regarding the 2nd amendment plus... This is outrageous! Obama, in the wake of the largest terrorist attack on American soil since 9/11, is ready to take guns away from law-abiding Americans. This is a shameless emotional appeal that will only make Americans less safe.

BJ3: Has it been confirmed? From: charlite.....
Why isn't this BREAKING NEWS flashing all over the Networks, cable, Drudge, WSJ and all major Internet outlets???????????  If this is real, if it's true, then why aren't our GOPers screaming from the rooftops about this? Why isn't Hillary's ship already sinking over the horizon?   From: amil_imani
This is what was downloaded by the hacker who got to the DNC server. It's a treasure trove of info on Hillary.

New rule lets feds hack your computer anywhere, anytime...'We're going to wake up in a few years in George Orwell's 1984'!

Freight is Newest Canary in Tunnel- U.S. Well on Way to Massive Obama Recession
From: Rob E...RADICAL JIHADIS Assault Restaurant Patrons in Philly, Screaming: "We Belong to ISIS!"

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