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Heck of a Week: June 17
The people of Nevada had a self-determined week. The Truckee Meadows Fire Protection District had a brave week. This is Heck of a Week.

In The News

Dr. Heck prevailed in the Nevada Senate Republican primary on Tuesay, taking more than 65% of the vote. He now faces Catherine Cortez Masto—Harry Reid’s hand-picked candidate--in November. Of the election matchup, an opinion editorial in the Las Vegas Review-Journal put it best, “The race has national implications for control of the upper chamber. Ms. Cortez Masto, is Sen. Reid’s hand-picked candidate and a reliable bet to vote in lockstep with Beltway progressives. Meanwhile, Rep. Heck is a medical doctor who serves in the U.S. army reserve and offers Nevadans a level-headed, principled pragmatism.


The field is now set and the choice for Nevadans couldn’t be more clear: A doctor, soldier, and small businessman who dedicated his life to his state and his country, or Harry Reid’s hand-picked successor, a career Democrat who has shuffled between political office and politically connected juice jobs for the last two decades.

What They’re Saying

This race is an opportunity to give this seat back to Nevada after 30 years of Harry Reid’s partisanship, and is without question the biggest opportunity for Republicans to gain a seat in the U.S. Senate.

Inside the GOP campaign to snatch Harry Reid's Senate seat (Politico, June 5, 2016)
“The retiring minority leader is hellbent on keeping his seat in Democratic hands. He controls a vaunted turnout machine in the state and has already helped gin up some $12 million to ensure Heck loses.”

A battle royal shaping up for open Senate seat in Nevada (AP, June 5, 2016)
Senate Democratic leader Harry Reid's retirement after three decades has created a rare open seat that offers Republicans their one real shot at winning a state now held by the Democrats. With their slim Senate majority under siege around the country, Republicans are determined to replace Reid with one of their own, Rep. Joe Heck, a wonkish and hard-working Army reservist.

Media Reservations

We know this is going to be a tough race with plenty of national attention. Democrats won’t give up Harry Reid’s seat without a fight. The Cortez Masto campaign, the Democratic Senatorial Campaign Committee, and Reid’s Senate Majority PAC have already committed to spend $16 million to smear Dr. Heck’s record. These are the same, tired political tricks Reid has been pulling for years – and they won’t work. Last week, the Heck campaign made an initial ad buy of $3.2 million, a number that will continue to grow over the course of the campaign. We will use every resource and every tool available to fight the Reid Machine’s vicious partisan attacks and share Dr. Heck’s vision for keeping our families safe, growing the economy, making sure Nevadans have access to quality health care, and their children receive the education needed for success.

Joe Heck Background

For 25 years, Joe Heck has served Nevada as an emergency room physician, soldier in the Army Reserve where he has reached the rank of brigadier general, Iraq veteran, and small business owner. He brings real world experience to find solutions to the challenges most important to Nevada – jobs and the economy, national security, health care, and education. He represents Nevada’s swing district, NV-03, in the U.S. House.

Catherine Cortez Masto Background

Cortez Masto has spent 21 of 25 years working in political and government jobs and running for elected office. She has not worked in the private sector since 1995.

In 2001, Clark County Manager and future Rory Reid business partner Thom Reilly hired Cortez Masto to serve as the county’s third assistant manager -- a newly created $130,000/yr. job he gave to her without conducting a national search for applicants. (Global Governance Group Website, Main Page, Accessed October 8, 2015)

During her final weeks as Attorney General in 2014, Nevada System of Higher Education Chancellor Dan Klaich -- a personal friend of Sen. Harry Reid -- controversially hired her to serve as executive vice chancellor. The $215,000/yr. job, which had been vacant for over five years, was given to Masto without a national search for applicants.

National Journal reported Reid had a “long-standing relationship” with Cortez Masto’s father and that Masto and Reid had been plotting a U.S. Senate bid for years. NJ also noted Cortez Masto’s politically charged 2008 indictment of LG Brian Krolicki [R], which occurred shortly after he announced he was considering a challenge to Reid. (National Journal, March 27, 2015)

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For 25 years, Joe Heck has served Nevada as a doctor, small business owner, legislator, and soldier in the U.S. Army Reserve. He served three tours of active duty, including Iraq where Dr. Heck ran the emergency services and aeromedical evacuation section of a combat support hospital. In 2014, he was promoted to the rank of brigadier general. Dr. Heck has served Nevada's 3rd congressional district in the U.S. House of Representatives since 2011.
Use of military rank, job titles and photographs in uniform does not imply endorsement by any service branch or the Department of Defense.

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