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BJ3: Gee, what a fast “turnaround”, from 15 down to +.2.  Actually “they” are still fudging Trump down.  With us, he’s still holding (with a slight spike yesterday) at about +10...We’ve never seen so many “polls” blatantly bought...
From: Dave Hollenbeck...
Donald Trump takes poll lead over Hillary Clinton – is it time to panic?
The latest presidential polling average shows the Republican candidate ahead by 0.2 percentage points. But this is not the first indication of a potential Trump win.
BJ3: Please see our lead column we said...From: charlite....
Polls showing Trump LOSING to Hillary are deliberately FALSIFIED!!<<<<<<<
Please help send this report VIRAL! <<<<<< Inform the unaware sheeple that they are BEING DUPED by false numbers created by the media!

From: Rob E.....Bikers to Protect TRUMP Supporters at Phoenix Rally From VIOLENT LEFTISTS
From: Rob E...Here We Go... "Several" GOP Delegates Still Talking About Stealing Nomination from TRUMP

From: audree lynn...We've donated to Paul Nehlen already in the hopes he wins the primary against Ryan.
From:  John   
Rat Ryan has GOT TO GO. He thinks we're to dumb to know he lies. Nope. FYI the bill info sent yesterday is not the one being discussed here.  The newest bill on immigration is the one Ovomit wants that gives him more power on immigration and our Rino's are going along with it.
Subject: Ryan lies again to O'Reilly, you and me
Paul Ryan Lies to  O’Reilly: Says He Passed Bill to Pause Somali Refugee Program
BJ3: “Confused”?  Hardly, just an intentional traitor.  From: sherzieve...
Paul Ryan is a firm Islamo-Marxist Democrat, now. 
From: "cam39470"... Confused Double Crossing Congressman Paul Ryan Must Be Talking About BO
Paul Ryan says American freedoms at risk in separation-of-powers debate with Trump ...Jon Ward, Jon Ward
From: Jenny...GOP AGs warn Dems that if climate skeptics can be prosecuted for ‘fraud,’ so can alarmists

From: Jean Rice...AZ - Human Trafficking & Diseases
Just thought you might like to hear about some of the issues we are facing here in AZ.  I will say that at any given time, we have between 1500 and 1800 “refugees” in one of the detention centers in Tucson and another 500+/- in Eloy and there are 2 more centers here in Phoenix and I’m not sure how many each of them hold.   And you guessed it, these folks aren’t being screened for any diseases prior to coming to the US nor are they screen once they are in the US.  You might ask why?  Well, because these facilities aren’t run by the state of AZ but by the Feds!  What diseases are these people bringing in with them?  We know they have them because we have already had one breakout/epidemic of measles in 3 counties that originated from the Eloy Detention Center. In addition, AZ ranks 15th in the Nation for TB and 18th in the nation for HIV.  We have a medical ticking time bomb on our hands and NO ONE is paying attention!  TB and HIV are the two most prominent diseases with Syphilis and Parasites/Worms following.  Now that we don’t have any antibiotics that work against the family of bacteria known as CRE, (Carbapenem-resistant enterobacteriaceae), we are up the proverbial creek without a paddle. And the beat goes on…….Jean
From: Rob E .....Illegal families surge across border; 2016 already worse than 2015 - Washington Times
From: Rob E....The takeover of Amerika is nearly complete..
House rejects effort to ban illegal immigrants from military service | TheHill
From: sherzieve...Petrus Romanus strikes again...Vatican ecumenism forsakes Egypt’s Christian minorities
Excerpt..."Pope Francis, who is “building bridges to build peace” around the world, has naturally reached out to embrace Sunni Muslims. Last month, for the first time after years of Vatican silence, Pope Francis summoned to his private library in Rome grand imam Ahmed El-Tayeb of Cairo’s Al-Ahzar Mosque Institute. Absent a press release before this event, the Pope was quoted as saying, “this meeting is the message” – leading all to dwell on the meaning and purpose of their 25 minutes together. Christians, especially Egyptian Coptic Christians, have observed the Catholic pope give the “sign of peace” to the grand imam who has yet been unwilling to denounce ISIS. Unity existed between the two religious branches previous to former Pope Benedict XVI condemning Islam’s inclination to violence."

BJ3: The rino part of the N.W.O party...Senate GOP Rebuffs Trump on Gun Control Call

From: Kathy Hawkins......Subject: THE GOP...
" THEY ARE  theoretically the opposition party, the party that should have been in there each and every day doing what it could do to stop as much of the Obama agenda as possible.  We know that there has not been much of that.  So what's happened here is Trumps goes out, says what he says, and "top Republicans" -- the majority party in the House and Senate...  But, by the way, their positions are the result of people voting for them. 
American voters have put them in these leadership positions.  And what do they do?  They do not side with the lone opposition to this horrible, destructive Regime, which has not protected us.  No, they stand up and join it.  Republican leaders stand up and join Obama!  Now, in my view, there is rarely a reason for Republicans to side with Obama on a matter of policy.  But, when you started talking about presidential elections, there is never an occasion where the Republican leadership should in any way stand up and side with a Democrat president.
Never. And yet here they are.  This a microcosm, another example of why Trump is where he is.  They were not elected to side with Obama, particularly against Republicans, particularly against the presumptive Republican nominee.  This does not happen.  And yet there it is.  "Top Republicans Join Obama in Condemning Trump's Words."  It's just stunning.  "    RUSH LIMBAUGH
From: RUSH.....
Our Politically Correct National Response to Islamist Terrorism Is Totally Insane 

From: Peri McMillan ...The Government's Submission to Jihad    by Kelleigh Nelson

Sean Hannity interviewed Philip Haney on Tuesday, June 15th. Haney is the author of “See Something, Say Nothing.” Mr. Haney is a founding member of the Department of Homeland Security. Employed with DHS for 15 years, and what he told Hannity should create a backlash of immense proportions. He said that the DHS was ordered by Obama to scrub records of Muslims with terrorist ties. These included individuals, organizations, and networks, both across the United States and affiliations within foreign countries.......

From: Jean Rice...Muslim Training Camps in the US
Hi Bob,  I happened across this article while doing some other research and it caught my attention.  The Second Amendment becomes even more important to us a citizens, when we recognize that this administration and the FBI are doing nothing about these jihad training facilities.  If our government is going is not going to protect us, then we need to be able to protect ourselves and loved ones! 

From: Marje...
...OK!  Here we go!  I think this is a good one . . . . our struggling world needs to be keenly aware of this . . .
Understanding Taqiyya ― Islamic Principle of Lying for the Sake of Allah

From: Allan Wall...Orlando Shooting as seen from Mexico
From: sherzieve 
From: "doug walk"...(More obama-fomented anti-American lawless officials making their own rulings)
Citizens Challenge New Jersey Carry Permit Denials
From: RCroyts...Our Public Schools and the Orlando Shooter...
It is little wonder that the Orlando shooter was confused about his sexuality.  He was a product of our public schools which are training grounds for homosexuality.  Just another reason to get the feds out of our local schools.  Here is a look at where we are and how to get the feds out of our schools, with or without the president or Congress.   Appreciate your comments on the blog Please give this to your pastor and pass it on.  Thanks, jc .....

From: jim colter...More evidence why Americans were left to die in Benghazi on 9/11/12 *
When you hear me speak of Barack and Hillary having BLOOD on THEIR HANDS ...  here's one reason why.
Below is a summary of what Judicial Watch obtained via a federal lawsuit. These docs offer a look into the reasons why Barack Hussein and Hillary's State Dept. sat by and watched in real-time, as American's were killed at our State Dept. Consulate and later on the roof of our CIA's annex / security outpost in Benghazi, Libya 9/11/12.       Not only were they watching via a live drone feed, but they would NOT give the order to send in multiple different rescue teams or even a low fly over with US Fighter Jets, both of which could've been there in time to save lives.    Aside from Barack & Hillary's clear involvement, others like John McCain assisted in their plan to arm & train ISIS members from the beginning. This whole operation blew up in their faces weeks prior to Barack's 2012 re-election.       So they figured ... lets NOT send help and watch them die,  in order to cover up their corrupt evil plans. Then lie.You ever wonder what happened to the 20 some-odd Americans that were saved ???  Hidden away quietly.They needed the help of the media to cover up this disastrous plan ... that is still haunting us, even now.

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