Tuesday, June 28, 2016


Donald J Trump


Every Election Day, politicians stand trial before the people.

The voters are the jury. Their ballots are the verdict.

And, on November 8th, the American people will finally have the chance to do what the authorities have been too afraid to do over these last 2 decades: INDICT HILLARY CLINTON AND FIND HER GUILTY OF ALL CHARGES.

You see, Crooked Hillary is a world-class liar. It's well-documented.

As I highlighted in my speech last week, during the Clinton Presidency, there were many, many scandals. TravelGate, Whitewater. The personal destruction of Monica Lewinsky. The Rose Law Firm scandal. And, of course, anything involving Sydney Blumenthal.

It comes as no shock then that the scandals and lying didn't stop once the Clinton's left office . . . Benghazi . . . Her illegal email server . . . The donations from terrorist nations to the Clinton Foundation. The list goes on and on.

This much is certain: Scandal, lies, and deceit follow Hillary wherever she goes.

The latest nasty lie from Hillary? That she is crushing me in fundraising.

This claim is laughable. I can write my campaign a check at any time (and have).

Yet, all over the news last week, Democrats and Hillary's surrogates breathlessly tried to deceive Americans into believing that we were getting crushed. I was shocked at the nerve of them because I did the right thing by funding my own campaign and cutting out the special interests.

Only Democrats and the biased media would think this is a bad thing. Why? Because they are members of the rigged system that puts their interests ahead of the interests of the American people.

So, I decided this: If the Democrats and liberal media want to make fundraising an issue in this campaign . . . I WILL MAKE IT AN ISSUE.

I took matters into my own hands just to prove them wrong. So, I sent out my first ever fundraising email.

We raised over $2 million . . . IN JUST 12 HOURS. Within a few days, we had raised over $11 million.

It was so historic and unprecedented that the liberal and unfair Washington Post that hates me was forced to admit that it was the "most successful fundraising effort in American politics."

In short, we made them eat their words. We beat them at their own game.

But I will not stop there. I didn't start this fight . . . but I WILL end it.

And, I will end it on my terms by raising an additional $10 million before June 30th. Yes, you read that right, Crooked Hillary. I know you and your campaign minions read these emails.

June 30th is the deadline to report funds raised to the Federal Election Commission. It's the same deadline in May that Crooked Hillary tried to make a huge story.

Your donation will once again silence Hillary and the liberal media that hates me so much.

And, with your donation, the American people can finally do in November what the Federal authorities have been unable or unwilling to do: INDICT HILLARY CLINTON AND FIND HER GUILTY OF ALL CHARGES.

Thank you again for standing with me at this historic turning point for our nation. Together, we will finally rid the country of that world-class liar, Crooked Hillary Clinton.

Best Wishes,

Donald J. Trump
Candidate for President of the United States

P.S. If Hillary and the Democrats want to make fundraising an issue, we will make it an issue. I didn't start this fight, but I WILL end it. Friend, together, we are going to raise $10 million before the June 30th FEC deadline.

We will make Hillary eat her words and help the American people do in November what the Federal authorities have been unable or unwilling to do: INDICT HILLARY CLINTON AND FIND HER GUILTY OF ALL CHARGES.

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