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BJ3: Please, let’s not have anyone try to con us that Scalia wasn’t murdered.

A lawsuit over an unwanted Windows 10 upgrade just cost Microsoft $10,000   Microsoft recently paid a (very small) price for its Windows 10 upgrade tactics, and that was before they became increasingly aggressivehttp://www.pcworld.com/article/3088755/windows/a-lawsuit-over-an-unwanted-windows-10-upgrade-just-cost-microsoft-10000.html?token=%23tk.PCW_nlt_pcw_tech_html_2016-06-27&idg_eid=83f4011cafab9bb987f292218b236217&utm_source=Sailthru&utm_medium=email&utm_campaign=Top%20Stories%20%40PCWorld%202016-06-27&utm_term=pcw_tech_html
D.C. Asking for Immigration Law Enforcement As They Struggle With Increase in Violence/Crime
From: Kathy Hawkins...ADDRESSES BHO IS MOVING 10,000 "REFUGEES"....WTH!?!
   You can bet Lutheran services will get a call from me today! 
Let me save my friends here in C. S. Lutheran Services 132 E. Las Animas 719-314-0223. THIS IS A HUGE LIST FOLKS! Churches need to stop this....they have aided and hurt much of Storm Lake, Iowa because of buying houses for all kinds of foreigners. They drive better cars than my sister and others back there because they have gotten so much handed to them. That's not the worse, more crime and gangs and drugs than ever in a small town. We sure don't need more! Kat
From: charlite.....Kelleigh Nelson -- Donald J. Trump, Braveheart and Freedom - [YES-S-S!]
From: Jenny...Donald Trump Increases Favorability Rating with ‘Highly Religious’ Protestants

BJ3: Important...Today’s FreedomMail (consistently excellent) from Chuckolb had a slew of superb columns on why
Judge Jeanine Pirro (our former D.A., whom we supported) would be a great VP choice. We wholly agree, as regular readers of our Briefer know we said MANY  months ago. Our first choice is/always was Senator America Jeff Sessions because there are few (if any) in the country publicly stronger against illegal immigration than he is. That’s crucial in the event that.......
   Pirro is our second, if not co-first choice. Still, Trump has always said that he wanted a VP that was familiar with the inner workings of Congress and related. We feel both would pull in many votes.  However, we think Pirro’s more contributory legal strengths would be as AG, even in SCOTUS. No matter what Trump selects her to do, she’ll be super. (no link) 

From: Jenny...Forgotten History: How American Presidents from Washington to Lincoln Agree with Trump on Trade http://www.breitbart.com/2016-presidential-race/2016/06/26/american-presidents-washington-lincoln-agree-donald-trump-trade/
BJ3: Absolutely, especially with President Trump...From: Rob E
Nigel Farage: Brexit Will Allow US, UK to Be Closer Partners

BJ3: Really, Bitchy Mitchy??? If not he one that wiped out everyone else, in record fashion, then whom do you say is???

From: Debbie Warren...You did see that Trump forgave $ 50 MILLION in campaign loans to his campaign.  I'd say he does damn well BETTER than most for self-financing and the naysayers about him should note this as well as the FACT that he speaks for most real Americans...in every way shape and form. From: Eric Hagemeister...
As you noted, both parties (but particularly the DNC) have relied upon foreign donations for decades.  We all know the Demoncraps will not police themselves, and the Returdicans won't raise the issue with their own dirty hands.  A number one priority of Trump should be campaign donation, lobbying, and election reform and overhaul...
From: Debbie Warren...Once again, we have the filthy criminals with the evidence....and there it sits.  On top of the many crimes involved in this scam; we have another foreign national in the mix!  That's enough for prosecution.   No one in officialdom will do a thing because most of them are either guilty of the same or similar activity.  It's come down to one way to put these various Traitors and thieves out of our misery...and I'm not saying it directly...but it does involve citizen action. 
Busted! DNC caught in $100 million voter scheme...It's blatantly illegal -- and the Dems did everything they could to make sure you never found out about it. See how a hacker has exposed a $100 million voting scheme that's being funneled through the DNC -- and how a major Hillary Clinton donor is behind it all. http://click2.thehornnews.com/t/Ag/Hdk/QKw/AATUWg/IPw/AAV8Iw/AQ/kkCP

Hillary Clinton's secret weapon-Are millions of illegal immigrants getting ready to steal the election for Hillary Clinton? We expose the shady front groups and dirty details behind the most disgusting election plot in U.S. history. http://click2.thehornnews.com/t/Ag/Hdk/QKw/AATUWg/IPw/MzU5NDQ1fGh0dHBzOi8vdGhlaG9ybm5ld3MuY29tLz9wPTE5MDkw./AQ/n4_F

From: Jenny...Cuban immigrants tasered by cops after they land armed with guns and machetes on a Miami beach in front of stunned sunbathers   http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-3662418/Cuban-immigrants-armed-guns-machetes-Tasered-police-arriving-Miami-beach-boat.html

From: Jenny...Cultural Enrichment: Muslim Smashes Up Swedish Church, Italian Saint Defaced With “Allahu Akbar” Graffiti.....European "multiculturalism" continues to work wonders.

From: Dave Bertrand...U.N. Police and Operatives NOW Operating Inside America
From: Sher Zieve...From: victoria kateria hayes.....while everyone is paying attention to England, I wonder what this SOB will give away?  Congress/Senate has not approved the TPP, yet Obot acts like we are part of it which gives away our sovereignty.  We need to pay attention to what he is doing, the sleezey SOB.
(Reuters) Adios, Three Amigos: Obama heads to last summit with Canada, Mexico
thought you would be interested in the following: http://www.reuters.com/article/us-usa-canada-mexico-idUSKCN0ZD0NU
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From: sherzieve...
Thanks to Dr. John...From: "Dr. John Grady"
South Carolina Passes Bill to Teach Founding Principles in Public Schools !!!
Patriots here in Tennessee need to contact our state legislators and also Governor Haslam and demand that the same legislation be introduced and passed here.  Good citizens
living in other states
should do the same.  This will help reverse one major cause for the ignorance of our youth and the decline in the culture, ideals, politics and government of this once great country.  It's easy.  All the law makers have to do is use the South Carolina law as a model.  So let's go to work. ---  Dr. Grady    http://dailysignal.com/2016/06/17/this-new-law-ensures-south-carolina-students-will-study-the-founding-documents/?

From: Kathy Hawkins...
Wish it could go to every household in America   Pass it own to everyone so they can pass it on. 
Black Fathers Matter -a good, short, video
Larry Elder lays it out for all to see.  And in terms all should be able to comprehend.
From: Dave Bertrand     To: Dump the GOP
McCain's ISIS weapons kill two American contractors, Fast and Furious Arab style..
Friends and Associates: Today "The Hill, "RT America," and "Al Jazeera" have opened a McCain can-of-worms into how weapons are funneled into Syria for (not the so-called rebels) but for ISIS. Apparently, the Turkish equivalent of the C.I.A., known as the G.I.D., receive the U.S. weapons from CIA contractors which are then turned-over to ISIS, via what media calls....the "Black Market." Now....if you think Turkey is that careless, then why not try to buy the London Bridge at Lake Havasu Arizona. Black Market??  I don't think so....just a completed network of providing weapons to ISIS to take-down Assad, which is in the best interests of the U.S., Turkey, Israel, Qatar, and Saudi Arabia. That proposed trans Arab pipeline from Qatar to the Mediterranean hangs in the wind with Assad and Russia in place. McCain's (CIA) weapons have already killed two American contractors, according to the news story below.....
Weapons for Syrian rebels sold on Jordan's black market...
CIA plan to arm Syrian rebels undermined by theft of weapons by Jordanian intelligence agents, officials say.http://www.aljazeera.com/news/2016/06/cia-weapons-syrian-rebels-jordan-black-market-160626141335170.html

From: Sher Zieve...Excerpt..."He added: "I think that the Church not only should apologise ... to a gay person whom it offended but it must also apologise to the poor as well, to the women who have been exploited, to children who have been exploited by (being forced to) work. It must apologise for having blessed so many weapons."  Pope on his way to recommending all-out gun control? 
Pope says Church should ask forgiveness from gays for past treatment

BJ3: What fool ever expected that they were going to just roll over and cave??? This is for all the marbles!
The Ruling Class Won't Let Go Without a Fight http://www.rushlimbaugh.com/daily/2016/06/27/the_ruling_class_won_t_let_go_without_a_fight
BJ3: What if they said they were doing a survey on racist businesses in the area and their responses to the hats?
From: sherzieve.....
From: "doug walk" (Time for all Trump supporters to  boycott this greasy spoon)
"Trump Supporters Denied Service from Restaurant for Wearing Make America Great Again Hats" 

BJ3: Let’s hope The Trump Wall has this covered...
Amazing Teamwork By Raccoon Family To Climb Over A Wall.....Mother raccoon and her two babies must scale a wall. Baby raccoon holds onto mommy's tail while mother hangs down to pick up the little one: http://www.wservernews.com/go/1xtqhg5y/

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