Monday, June 20, 2016


Muslim Terrorist In Ohio Takes Apartment Complex Hostage, And Then Opens Fire On American Police Officer

5 Things Slipped by the Public While Attention was Diverted to the Orlando Shooting
Government Allowed Key Witness’ False Testimony against Pete Santilli
Surprise: Afghan War Just Got Extended another Four Years at a Cost of $20 Billion
7-Year-Old Girl Schools Reporter Who Claimed PTSD after Firing AR-15
America: Still Worth Fighting For - Part 1
The Obama Cartel Involved in Human Trafficking
What Every American Christian Needs to Know About Iran [videos]
The Changing of Loyalties and Destruction of American Values
Merkel Is Hell-Bent on Destroying Germany
Black, Teenage Trump Supporter Destroys BlackLivesMatter Activist
Scissor-Wielding Abortionist Proclaims His Love For Killing Babies
Have U.S. Weather Patterns Changed Permanently? This Week Record High Temps Scorch The Southwest
Urgent Warning From Top CEO: “We’re Getting Very Close To Armageddon Here”
Republican Operatives Launch All-Out Effort To Unbind The Delegates And Deny Trump The Nomination
CDC Covered Up “Catastrophic Failures”: At Level-4 Biosafety Labs Containing Ebola and Smallpox
Does America Need Rehab?
LA Film Festival Winner Glorifies Sex With a Dolphin [VIDEO]

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